Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss


Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss trainings are specifically geared for birth/postpartum doulas, bereavement doulas, mental health professionals, midwives, religious/spiritual leaders, OBGYNs, prenatal yoga teachers, bereaved parent activists, and end-of-life care professionals. And all are welcome.

Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss is offered both in a live/online or in-person 5-hour training and through this 15-hour pre-recorded, self-paced training.


This is the finest continuing education class I have ever taken. I learned so much about the topic, about myself, and my story as the mother of an infant who died at nine-days-old.  Amy has a lovely manner of teaching. She is able to gently approach a very tough topic and make it so palatable.  I can truly say I think I now know how to hold space in a way that I never knew before. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
~ Linda Reilly Blue, birth doula, Connecticut


Student midwives at Birthwise Midwifery School value and appreciate Amy’s grounding and open presence, her wealth of knowledge, and the care and safety with which she holds space for conversations around pregnancy loss.  We in the Academic Department are honored to welcome here as an elective instructor, and we see the deep value of her heart-offering to our classes of future midwives.  I encourage you to study with Amy whenever you have the chance!
~Abby Hall Luca, MA, CPM, NHCM, Academic Dean of Faculty at Birthwise Midwifery School

Amy’s training is fantastic, and many of our conference attendees said it was their favorite part of their experience!  She approaches these difficult and emotional topics with amazing grace and confidence.  Amy’s teaching style is so engaging, and she steadfastly guided us on such a beautiful journey over the short course of time we had with her (and we all wished we had more!).
~Margo Blackstone, Indie Birth Association

“OMG Amy Glenn’s course about loss is a MUST do. Amy did such a masterful job helping us understand grief within the context of the masculine feminine, as well as providing specific practices and words we can say to help us be there fully for anyone going through loss.”
~ Jessica Jennings, MS, ERYT, RYPT, the Ma Collective – www.MaYoga.com


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This 15-hour, self-guided, online course has inspired the creation of 5-hour in-person trainings, an Advanced Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss training, and Institute Teacher Trainings for those interested in working with Amy to offer up this work to their communities.

Participants who register for this foundational 15-hour self paced, online experience will be guided through five 2-hour recorded modules of study. Reading, writing, and personal reflection are central to preparing for each of the five modules.



All participants are required to read Holding Space — On Loving, Dying, and Letting Go by Amy Wright Glenn and  Ghostbelly by Elizabeth Heineman. To receive a certificate of completion, participants must view the provided recordings as well as successfully turn in two writing assignments.

Both books are available on Amazon and one can also purchase them directly from their publishers: Holding Space through Parallax Press and Ghostbelly through Feminist Press.

Over 900 birth and mental health professionals have taken this course with Amy Wright Glenn and/or Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss Institute teachers since 2016.

There is a 5-hour, live (in-person or online) version of this course that is also available.
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There are three components to our study:

1. An introduction to Holding Space and the Companioning Model of Care outlined by Alan Wolfelt, Founder and Director of the Center for Loss & Life Transition.  Holding Space and Companioning are responses to bereavement care that emphasize the need for mourners to be supported, listened to, and held in compassionate presence. Both of these models of care are centered upon a respect for the experience of grieving and challenge our culture’s death phobia as well as the common “fix it,” “return to normal,” “don’t talk about it,” attitude with regard to loss.

2. An exploration of best care practices with regard to the various support networks surrounding bereaved parents. These care practices focus on strengthening circles of support found in family, employment, work, places of worship, and hospital/birth center settings.

3. A cross-cultural understanding of the healing power of ritual found in both religious and secular settings. Participants will study how various world religions approach death/dying in terms of perinatal loss both in terms of theology and mourning practices. Emphasis is also placed upon the crafting of personal rituals both within and without traditional religious/spiritual frameworks.


To learn more about these three components of care, read Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss: 3 components for doulas to consider published in PhillyVoice.




Certificates of Completion issued by the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death are offered for all who complete the training/workshop. Participants have open access to complete the training requirements, as long as the course is active on the Institute’s website and are available in this format. 

Birth Arts International offers 5 CEUs to members who successfully complete both the in-person and online training.