We need to address death and dying more mindfully. We need to address birth and birthing more mindfully. We all benefit from living with more compassion and presence.

Institute members make important theoretical, personal, and professional connections between the work of holding space for birth, breath, and death. All involved in the work of birthing, dying, and nurturing mindful and compassionate living are welcome to join.

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 By bringing together those involved in holding space for life’s sacred threshold points, and welcoming members of all faiths and spiritual traditions, the Institute provides members with a nurturing and inspiring personal/professional home.

Welcome home.


I haven’t yet come across any other organization that works in the spaces of both birth and death companioning.
Amy’s book ‘Holding Space’ made me feel deeply seen in a way that I didn’t realize I had wanted.
I am so filled with gratitude for this work.
~Lindsay Rathert, hospice volunteer & birth doula

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Individuals benefit from Institute membership in four ways:

Member-only monthly Breathwork Circle
50% off Holding Space Consultations
50% off of select Institute courses
Member-only Facebook group


Monthly Breathwork Circle

Institute members have access to a monthly Breathwork Circle taught by Romy Toussaint, a New Jersey-based yoga teacher. Learn more here.

50% off Holding Space Consultations

Institute members benefit from one-on-one consultations specifically focused on supporting individuals through life transitions and grief. Members pay $60 for a consultation rather than $120. Learn more here.

50% off select Institute courses 

Institute members receive a discount code that can be used for accessing many Institute courses at 50% off of their regular tuition rate.

Member-only Facebook group

Institute members receive a link to a member-only Facebook page for further connection and networking.


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Institute interview/webinars are available for all to view.


Standing with an open heart in the presence of birth is very much like standing with an open heart in the presence of death.

~ Amy Wright Glenn in Doula for the Dying