Do you need a compassionate/mindful heart to hold space while you process the current Covid-19 pandemic?

Have you experienced recent loss?

Do you want to learn how to meditate or revitalize your current practice?

Are you in the midst of a significant life change?

Are you considering a new vocational and/or spiritual direction?

Author, hospital chaplain, yoga teacher, scholar of comparative religions, birth/death doula and mother who strives to live mindfully/compassionately ~ Amy Wright Glenn has held space for the dying and the bereaved, supported individuals through significant life change, and is revamping/extending her consultation services given the Covid-19 pandemic. Amy also runs a Holding Space + Covid-19 Circle of Care offering online support as we navigate a challenging global pandemic.

Consultations with Amy will always involve moments of mindful breathing, taking a pause to check in with the body’s wisdom/sensations, and meditation. Amy is a long time meditator and she maintains an active interest in reading peer-reviewed studies highlighting the proven benefits of meditation  She teaches a wide range of meditation practices including: loving-kindness meditation, breath awareness, centering prayer, mantra-based seated practice, zazen, and vipassana. With over twenty years of maintaining a daily meditation practice, Amy understands the challenges that come with keeping a dedication to meditation alive through various stages of life.

In her writing, Amy reflects on the significance of finding vocational and spiritual callings that honor one’s inner knowing, avoiding the “bypassing” of what is difficult, integrating our shadows, and bringing forward a resilient/healing energy into the world. Amy has published many articles specific to pregnancy and infant loss and she has trained hundreds of professionals around the world on that specific topic. She has held tender/gentle space for bereaved parents and has worked as a birth and death doula.

Amy Wright Glenn offers 50-minute long, one-on-one consultations via Skype and/or phone. She offers a loving presence, listening heart, body/breath practices, and insight with regard to the specific focus of each consultation.

$120 per session
Institute members pay $60

(Four session consultation packages are also available ~ Institute members pay $200 and non-members pay $400.)

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Amy is a breath of fresh air. She created a safe space, void of judgement, for me to explore something completely new and well out of my comfort zone. Amy offers advice, brings a new technique to light each time we meet, and is a virtual shoulder to lean on. If it was not for this “new” form of meditation practice and the support and accessibility of Amy (several states away), I would have never had the courage to attend a group session or start a daily practice on my own.
~Lexie, PA

I was recently able to take the opportunity to learn meditation from Amy. It was truly the best gift I could give myself. Amy went through several different types of meditation so I could find what worked best for me personally. She has such a calming and nurturing presence. Amy is a tremendous resource and an amazing teacher! I look forward to more sessions with her in the future.
~Ashley, AL