What is codependency?


Conversation/Webinar on Codependency
with Amy Wright Glenn

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Do you find yourself drawn to intimate partnerships where boundaries are blurred? Do you find yourself drawn into unhealthy work dynamics wherein you try to “fix” and “please” all involved?

If so, this pre-recorded, self-paced webinar/conversation is for you.

Far too many caretakers struggle to create healthy boundaries in their work and/or interpersonal relationships.

Join Institute founder, Amy Wright Glenn, for a heartfelt reflection on why this is so. Given the emphasis in Amy’s work on “holding space” ~ and given that many empaths are drawn to  birth/death doula work ~ it is essential to differentiate between empathy and codependency.


How can those drawn to the work of holding space for threshold points cultivate wisdom with regard to healthy boundaries along the way? What exactly is codependency and how is it different from empathy? Why are empaths at risk for codependent behavior? How are empaths drawn into abusive and/or unhealthy relationships? How can we hold space for others without becoming enmeshed or entangled?

Listen to Amy’s webinar on codependency to reflect deeply upon these questions today.