I am the love

by Linda Aileen Miller

I am the love in your tears and your heart
This is what I want you to know…

When I overflow it is because
I cannot hold the love anymore!
The space is full.
Full to overflowing
Full to deep knowing
Full of joy
Full of loss
Full of laughter
Full of tears

Full of life!

When you live
Truly live
On a multi-dimensional level

You feel in multi-dimensional ways

I want you to know
I am the love in your heart
I want you to know
You are too!

Linda Aileen Miller, LMT, CD(DONA), is a Level 2 Reiki Master, and Expert Level Myofascial Release Therapist who has spent twenty-four years supporting those healing the body-mind effects of PTSD. As a Certified Birth Doula, she holds space for both birth and loss in pregnancy and life. In 1969, as an ‘unwed mother-to-be’ Linda left her home, family and friends and moved to Indianapolis. She believed in her heart secretly offering her child for adoption was her only choice ~ at the time it was. Recently this four-time published author/poet, is honored to have reached Amazon’s #1 Best Seller status in collaboration with 24 other authors for “The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing, Volume 4.” Part of Linda’s mission and purpose is helping others embrace authentic healing, living a life filled with peace, love, and balance. Learn more.