Yoga for Grief

Join Institute founder/director Amy Wright Glenn for a series of 4 Thursday evening yoga classes in August 2023. Classes are crafted/dedicated to deepen our capacity to hold space for grief.

All are welcome.


The body knows how to grieve.

Just as the body knows how to eat, sleep, birth, and love ~
the body also knows how to grieve.

To mourn.
To feel our way through the wilderness of great sorrow.

Join for a gentle practice and the cultivation of a safe space for moving with sorrow.
Trusting that the body knows

how to


Yoga for Grief
Thursdays, August 3, 10, 17, & 24
7-8pm EST

Participants gather for 4 Thursday evenings beginning on August 3 for an hour-long yoga practice taught by Amy Wright Glenn, certified Kripalu Yoga teacher and founder/director of the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death. Readings from Joanne Cacciatore’s book Grieving is Loving ~ Compassionate Words for Bearing the Unbearable will be integrated into the practice.

Yoga for Grief is set at a gentle/moderate pace.
Classes are not recorded.
All are welcome.



Whatever comes, we let it be as it is. When we do this, we come to see, in this moment or the next, our emotions always moving… Our emotions move in us, move through us, and move between us. And when we allow them to move freely, they change, perhaps scarcely and perhaps gradually ~ but inevitably. This is grief’s most piercing message: there is no way around ~ the only way is through.

~Joanne Cacciatore, PhD