Grief Work & Suicide

On Sunday, July 28th, Amy Wright Glenn will be joining a Utah-based therapist, Camille Hawkins, LCSW, at The Wellness Farm in Bluffdale, Utah to present “Grief Work and Suicide,” a six-hour training for all who want to further study, understand, and reflect upon supporting families who are affected by suicide. Lunch is included and 5 CEU credits have been applied for from NASW Utah.

Grief Work & Suicide
Sunday, July 28
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This course is open to all and crafted to offer support, compassion, and a safe space for a deeper understanding of suicide. Our study is organized around the following key themes:

*Companioning as an approach to supporting survivors of suicide loss
*Strengthening the network of support around those who are experiencing suicidality
*Drawing upon healing rituals in the wake of suicide loss
*Confronting shame and silence around the topic of suicide
*How to assist, support, and talk with families that have endured bereavement following suicide (before, during, and after the loss)
*Understanding the biological, psychological, and cultural factors that help explain suicide
*Exploration of measures to address prevention of additional suicides and/or attempts of the bereaved, cluster suicides, understanding substance use during grief, and murder-suicides
*Trauma of suicide to frontline workers
*Self care practices for front line therapist and mental health crisis workers
*Understanding the healing power of writing (memoir and fiction) as we make sense of suicide
*Ethics related to suicide care, prevention, and self-care

Suggested supplementary (optional) reading: Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide by Kay Redfield Jamison and The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X.R. Pan.

All are welcome.

If you are considering suicide or self harm, please seek support now.
Learn more about the International Association for Suicide Prevention.


As a hospital chaplain, often the most difficult encounters are in response to deaths by suicide or attempted deaths by suicide. This is was true for Amy Wright Glenn, author of Holding Space. In her work as a hospital chaplain, Amy supported survivors of suicide loss as well as those who had attempted to die by suicide. The experience of holding space in these difficult and heartbreaking times was life altering.

According to the CDC, suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for people ages 10-34 in the United States. Overall, it is the 11th most common cause of death across age demographics. When we consider these statistics, the sorrow can be staggering.

How can be better understanding suicide? What are best practices to support those devastated by suicide loss? How can we hold our fears about the rising rates of suicide with compassion and courage? What can we do to support suicide prevention?

Join us on Sunday, July 28th so we can bring compassionate presence to a deeper understanding of grief work & suicide.

Camille Hawkins (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice specializing in grief, trauma, and women’s issues. She began her career on the OB floor where she supported families in times of miscarriage, stillbirth, placing for adoption, and infant death. After a personal struggle with infertility and miscarriage, Camille founded the Utah Infertility Resource Center, a nonprofit organization which provides emotional support and education to thousands of families wishing and struggling to grow. In addition to supporting clients through professional counseling, Camille has spent years volunteering for local grief support organizations such as The Sharing Place and Share Parents of Utah. She is actively involved in research, advocacy endeavors, and serves on a number of community boards. In 2023, Camille launched The Wellness Farm Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit held on 2.5 acres in Bluffdale, Utah with the mission to provide support for grief and trauma and to build resiliency in the community. When Camille isn’t caring for the farm, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three living children who joined their family through open adoption and open egg donation. She became a teacher for The Institute in honor of her daughter, Everly, who came from a surprise pregnancy after nine years of infertility, and died in utero at 31 weeks gestation. Learn more here.