Doulas and Domestic Violence

All are welcome to join Lundy Bancroft, author of the best-seller “Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men,” Tina Swithin, founder/director of One Mom’s Battle, Jenny Ward, mindfulness, play-based, and trauma-informed speaker, and Amy Wright Glenn, founder/director of the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death for a 10-hour self-guided study.

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All are welcome.


As professionals drawn to hold space for birth and death, we are called upon to be present for some of life’s most inspiring moments. We also bear witness to some of the most painful situations.

This course tackles one of the most difficult topics facing families ~ the presence of intimate partner violence ~ and helps birth/death doulas ~ and all interested ~ to more deeply understand the dynamics of abuse. While the aim of this course is to better equip all called to support families through birth/death/life transitions to better understand the dynamics of abusive relationships ~ all are welcome to join bringing both their professional and personal stories to the table.

Lundy Bancroft’s writings on domestic violence ~ in all of its forms ~ is regarded as central to understanding why abuse occurs, and what motivates angry and controlling behaviors. His work has been published 400,000 times and he draws upon 30 years of experience in supporting survivors and their children break free from intimate partner violence.

All are invited to join a this 10-hour self-guided study
featuring Lundy Bancroft, Tina Swithin, Jenny Ward, and Amy Wright Glenn

“Doulas and Domestic Violence ~ Understanding Abusive Relationships”

This course is divided into four modules and participants will read/study/explore one part of Bancroft’s 4-part book for each module. Lundy Bancroft answers questions about his writing/reflections in the first three modules. Tina Swithin  joins for the 3rd module and Jenny Ward joins for our last module. Both Swithin and Ward highlight how their work draws upon Bancroft’s insights regarding the psychology of abuse as they present their own unique contributions to the work of understanding post-separation abuse, mindfulness, and helpful practices that support families facing high conflict.

Whether you are holding space as a birth/death doula for families impacted by violence or are coming to terms with stories in your own family legacy ~ you are most welcome.




“This is without a doubt the most informative and useful book yet written on the subject of abusive men.”

—Jay G. Silverman, PhD, director, Violence Prevention Programs, Harvard School of Public Health








Lundy Bancroft has thirty years of experience in the fields of abuse, trauma, and recovery. He has published seven books, including the best-seller Why Does He Do That? He is the former Training Director of Emerge, the nation’s first counseling program for men who abuse women, and has been involved in 2000 cases as a counselor and supervisor. He has also served extensively as a custody evaluator, child abuse investigator, and expert witness, and has presented to 350 audiences across the U.S. and abroad. Lundy is the creator of the Peak Living Network, a free emotional healing community that welcomes both women and men (though not abusers, even if they claim to be changing), following the principles taught in his book The Joyous Recovery. Lundy’s new book, In Custody, is a suspense novel that takes on the anti-mother bias and corruption in the family courts. It is his first work of fiction, but it portrays a legal system that is entirely real. Learn more here.



Tina Swithin survived a “Category Five Divorce Hurricane” while acting as her own attorney in a high-conflict custody battle that turned her family’s life upside down for over a decade. While divorces are never easy, Tina quickly learned that a divorce involving a narcissist takes the term, “high-conflict” to a level that few can comprehend. To articulate what was happening, she took shelter from the storm by chronicling her journey in her (now) internationally recognized blog, “One Mom’s Battle.” Tina’s plight grew from just one mom to a village of tens of thousands who all share the same story. There were different variations and nuances, but the common denominator is toxic, high conflict individuals and post-separation abuse. With all odds against her, Tina’s battle came to an end on August 30, 2019, when she successfully terminated her ex-husband’s parental rights. Tina has chosen to assume the title of survivor versus victim and has become an advocate for change in the Family Court System after seeing the flaws first-hand. Tina believes that the courts have lost sight of their primary focus, which should be the best interest of the child and instead, are too focused on parental rights. Tina believes that children are suffering unnecessarily due to the lack of education on the front lines—and behind the judicial bench.

Tina Swithin is the author of Divorcing a Narcissist (series) and founder of the High Conflict Divorce Coach Certification Program. Tina Swithin has been awarded honors such as the “Top 20 Professionals Under 40” and the “Top 40 Professionals Under 40” in several regional California newspapers. Tina resides in San Luis Obispo, California with her husband and her two daughters.

Renowned speaker and author Jenny Ward has crossed the continent, bringing play, mindfulness workshops to Visa, Google, YouTube, Merrill Lynch, the Girl Scouts, YMCA, Stanford, Dove, Nickelodeon, the Bowman School, the Palo Alto Unified School District, Toronto School District, and many other corporations and nonprofits organizations. Her individual clients have enjoyed working with Jenny on parenting and play, high conflict divorce, stress eradication, mindfulness tools for trauma, and play-based healing for more than a decade. Her work has been recognized in many media outlets. A graduate of the State University of New York, New Paltz, where she majored in psychology, Jenny received her MFA from New York University. She is a licensed yoga educator (specializing in trauma-informed yoga therapy and family yoga), High Conflict Divorce Coach, Licensed Mediator, Certified Parent Coordinator, and Child educator for over 30 years. Learn more here.