March 29 ~ You are Here: A Roadmap for the End of Life

Join Trish Rux, RN and Jan Booth, RN for an in-depth study of end-of-life planning. Participants will examine various Advance Directives options and learn more about the basics of hospice and palliative care as each participant considers the choices facing each of us at the end of our mortal journey. Open to all. Learn more and sign up today.

April 3 ~ Yoga for Grief

Join Amy Wright Glenn for a 4 week series of Monday evening yoga practice with the focus on holding space for the natural contractions and expansions of grief. Participants meet via Zoom and sessions are not recorded. Practice is set at a gentle/moderate pace and open to all levels. Learn more and sign up today.

April 6 ~ Tending the dead

Join Amy Wright Glenn for a 4-week study focusing on “Corpse Care” and featuring an interview with co-author Rev. Cody J. Sanders, PhD. How has death care evolved from antiquity to modern times? What factors played a role in the industrialization of the care of corpses? How can we bring our best practices of compassion to the work of tending the dead? Learn more and sign up today.

April 12 ~ Birth, Breath, & Death

Join Institute teacher, Sonja Erin Ausen for a 3-week study focusing on a deep inquiry of birth, breath, & death. What is the significance of these three powerful features of life for each individual? Participants will be given time to reflect on their own life journey as they read/discuss Amy Wright Glenn’s first book: “Birth, Breath, & Death.” All are welcome. Learn more and sign up today.

April 13 ~ Nourishing Resiliency: Holding Space for Difficult Emotions Support Group 

Join Holding Space Consultants Anne Crook and Melinda Hitchcock for a 6-week support group. Are you currently navigating a significant change in your life? Are you experiencing painful emotions related to these changes? For example: a recent divorce/breakup, job change, relocation, new diagnosis, or shifts in identity. Major life changes bring grief, which often goes unacknowledged by our broader culture and we are left to grapple with difficult emotions largely on our own. If you’re seeking support as you nourish your resiliency, know you are most welcome to join this community of care. Learn more and sign up today.

April 21 ~ Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss

Join Institute teacher Abby Jorgensen for a 5-hour, online live Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss training. This training is open to all ~ midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, nurses are particularly welcome.  Learn more and sign up today.

May 4  ~ Rituals for Menopause

Join Amy Wright Glenn for an 6-hour workshop focusing on the study, significance, and need for contemporary rituals of meaning to mark menopause. Participants will engage in discussion and study drawing upon the yogic and Christian traditions in particular and conclude the course by crafting their own ritual of meaning. Learn more and sign up today.

May 9 ~ Parent Book Study

Join Amy Wright Glenn for a 3-part book study focusing on Dr. Cara Natterson’s Decoding Boys. If you are a parent of a boy, or you mentor, teach, and/or spend time with boys ~ this course will strengthen your insight, communication skill, and knowledge regarding what boys today are facing.  Learn more and sign up today.

June 2023 ~ Institute International Study ~ Ireland

Join Amy Wright Glenn, Tobie Spears, director of Be Humanitarian, and Wilka Roig, director of the Fundación Elisabeth Kübler-Ross México Centro for a week long study/exploration of birth and death practices in Ireland. This will be a trip not to miss!  Learn more and sign up today.


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May the nourishment of the earth be yours,
May the clarity of light be yours,
May the fluency of the ocean be yours,
May the protection of the ancestors be yours,
And so may a slow
Wind work these words
Of love around you,
An invisible cloak
To mind your life.

~ John O’Donohue