November 5th ~ The Institute Book Club on “Holding Space” begins

The Institute Book Club participants gather via Zoom with two Institute Book Club Facilitators for weekly 2-hour discussions over the course of a month. There’s no powerpoint, no official teaching ~ rather facilitators are trained to hold brave/safe space for honest discussions, reflections, and allow for the wisdom drawn from responses to the book to emerge as the group’s collective teacher. Institute Book Club gatherings occur in real time and are not recorded. Learn more and sign up today.

Monday, November 9th ~ Food and Grief begins

Join Amy Wright Glenn and Amanda Heisman, founder of Heisman Health for a four-week exploration of the profound connections between food and grief. Do you tend to starve when sad? Or is food grief ~ and overeating/emotional eating becomes a way to “stuff down” the pain of loss? Amy and Amanda are very much looking forward to this course, and warmly welcome all of you drawn to this topic to join us. Learn more and sign up today.

Saturday, November 28th ~ Hungry Ghost course begins

Join Amy Wright Glenn for a four-week exploration of the powerful metaphor of Hungry Ghosts. What does it mean to have aspects of the self that are “hungry” or relegated to disenfranchised states of awareness? What does it mean to navigate relationships with people who are dominated by their own “hungry ghosts”? This 13-hour course is open to all interested in the spiritual and psychological dimensions of exploring “hungry ghosts.” This course focuses on interpersonal growth and inner reconciliation. Those who have survived narcissistic abuse, trauma bonding, and/or are working in the field of mental health are particularly welcome. Learn more and sign up today. 

ONGOING online offerings:

Rituals of Loss ~ All proceeds from this donation-based, pre-recorded hour-long ritual led by Amy ~ open to all faiths/perspectives ~ are donated to Doctors without Borders.  Learn more and sign up today.

What is Codependency? ~ Listen to Amy’s pre-recorded, self paced 90-minute lecture/webinar on codependency. Far too many care providers struggle in their intimate and/or work relationships with codependent patterns. Learn the difference between codependency and empathy. Learn more and sign up today.

Rituals for Pregnancy Loss in the Age of Covid-19 ~ Listen to Amy’s pre-recorded 77-minute presentation/reflection on the significance and shift in rituals relating to loss in general, and pregnancy loss in particular, given our global pandemic. Learn more and sign up today. 

Are you grieving? Are you experiencing significant life transitions? Amy joins the Holding Space Consultants to offer one-on-one 50-minute confidential consultations to support you through grief and life transitions. Set up time to process the pandemic, deepen your meditation, prayer, and/or spiritual practice. Learn more about what it means to hold space, integrate grief and/or reflect with on your vocational, professional, and/or personal directions, visions, and goals. Learn more and sign up today.

Every month, Amy offers an Institute Webinar for members of the Institute. Amy interviews creative/compassionate
leaders, practitioners, and pioneers with regard to deepening our understanding of how  birth, breath, and death. Visit the Institute homepage for information on each month’s current membership webinar.

Every month, Amy holds space for an Open Institute Zoom for for members of the Institute. This is held on the 2nd Sunday of each month from 7-8pm EST. Open Institute Zoom gatherings serve as a way for Institute members to meet, connect, share insights/wisdom/questions. These gatherings are not recorded.

Every week Amy offers a Holding Space + Covid 19 webinar. Amy provides 45-minutes of meditations, reflections, and interviews focusing on how we can best nourish practices of social justice, mindfulness, compassion, and preparedness given the global pandemic of Covid-19. Strengthen your courage, resilience, awareness, health, and compassion during this time of global uncertainty and struggle. We can contain with kindness. We can hold space during this time. Learn more here.

Every Sunday, Amy offers Religious Education classes for UU children at 11:30am and at 12pm EST. These classes are open to all UU families and all who find themselves in alignment with UU beliefs/principles.




We are all called to do our part to contain the spread of Covid-19.
The Holding Space + Covid-19 Circle of Care is open to all and funded by donation.

Institute members continue to benefit from monthly member-only webinars and discounts ~ especially with regard to one-on-one consultations.

As we practice sanctuary-at-home ~ all pre-recorded, self-paced Institute courses are are available for $100 per course.

Now more than ever the Institute’s work stands out as supportive and innovative.
Our work offers a healing balm in troubled times.