Rituals of Loss

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Join author Amy Wright Glenn and Doctor of Oriental Medicine Erica Siegel as they hold a gentle and safe space wherein participants are welcome to be present ~ through private/personal ritual ~ to their stories of grief, loss, and difficult change.

Rituals of Loss
Saturday, April 11th
7-8pm EST

Presented live and online ~ recording available to all who register

$35 suggested donation
*Pay what you can*

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Amy and Erica invite you to join them for an online, live, evening ritual by candlelight wherein they will guide participants in the creation of an alter of memory honoring all forms of loss during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Consider the losses we all are facing:

*death and illness of those we love due to Covid-19
*significant changes in life circumstance that have impacted us due to Covid-19
*the impact of social distancing on your heart, spirit, social circles
*the impact Covid-19 has had on pregnancy, birth, and pregnancy loss
*divorce or significant relationship stress due to the pandemic
*job and income loss/stress
*pain our children feel from missing regular school, friends, sports


Rituals of Loss is a one-hour ritual experience where in meditations, song, poetry, readings, and guidance on creating a personal ritual ~ using candlelight ~ are given.

Each participant will be invited to place a photo, memento, stone, or treasure representing a significant loss to place near the candle. Meditations, prayers and readings given are ecumenical in nature. One need not belong to any particular faith tradition to participate and people of all traditions are welcome to join ~ bringing their own prayers and customs to the experience.



This is a very hard time for our world. Amy and Erica encourage the ritual presented to be practiced over and over as needed so we can strengthen our power to holding space for sorrow and hard change ~ while keeping our compassion, heart, mindfulness, and breath flowing.

In Chinese medicine, the organ that is most impacted by grief is the lung system. So, a particular focus on breath awareness will be central to the evening.


“Amy Wright Glenn is a powerful advocate for the bereaved. She is a remarkable instructor and guides you along the path of holding space for yourself and for others. She is a shining essence of life and light.” ~Rebecca Robison, birth doula

“As my Chinese Medicine Doctor, Erica has changed my life. My seven- year- old son and I used to suffer endlessly with chronic health conditions.  Now that we are under her care, there are no more missed days of work, monthly hospital visits or thoughts of unnecessary surgical procedures. ..Erica is truly gifted, and she is practicing a medicine that she loves. Many of our friends and family are now under her care.  I tell her often that she is stuck with us forever!” ~ Amanda Sunshine, patient


Erica Siegel, A.P., D.O.M. is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Erica earned her Masters of Oriental Medicine in May 2006 from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, located in New York City.  After graduating, she established acupuncture and herbal medicine private practices in both New York and Pennsylvania.  In 2017, with support from the Unitarian Fellowship of Boca Raton, Erica launched Open Door Community Acupuncture Clinic in the fellowship’s Rockberger Room.  Open Door offers sliding scale acupuncture 4-5 days each week to those who wish to reap the rewards of Oriental Medicine, but who are unable to pay for full-cost treatments. Erica also sees patients privately at the clinic and in homes.  In October of 2019, together with a massage therapist friend, Erica began offering awareness and consciousness- based retreats on chosen Sundays each month.

Erica first became interested in natural medicine thirty years ago after her mother’s death.  Although she was considered “healthy” according to the traditional medical system, she sensed that many things were out of balance in her physiology, and she began to search for answers.  Her good friend introduced her to an Ayurvedic doctor, who taught her the importance of herbs, meditation, and diet to aid both physical and emotional health. After learning Transcendental Meditation, she relocated to Fairfield, Iowa in 1999 to work at The Raj Ayurvedic Health Center, where she focused on patient education.  She traveled to India for a month- long visit at this time, and her love of the spiritual aspect of the medicine grew. After experiencing great health benefits with an ayurvedic lifestyle, Erica began to explore Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.  She felt so vibrant, centered and energetic after her weekly acupuncture treatments, and she knew in her heart that she wanted to study this beautiful medicine.  It remains Erica’s dream that everyone should have knowledge of the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, a very sophisticated system that has been around for thousands of years. She works closely with her patients so that they may understand that true health is much more than simply the absence of disease, and that body, mind and spirit are forever interconnected.