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Founded in 2015 by Amy Wright Glenn, the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death was created to bring those drawn to the caring professions of birth and death work together with professionals dedicated to teaching mindfulness based living skills.

The Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death is an inspiring and nurturing professional organization dedicated to furthering the development and professional skill set of those called to hold space for mindful birthing, living, and dying.

With nearly 300 members, the Institute is a pioneering force offering monthly webinars on themes relating to compassionately holding space for birth, breath, and death as well as providing quality in-person and online trainings/workshops for the heartfelt engagement with these topics.

Join Amy for the August 2019 Institute Webinar

Friday, August 23rd from 5-6 pm Eastern.

*Open to all Institute members.

This month, Amy will interview Aditi Sethi-Brown, MD.

Aditi is a member of the Institute, a palliative medicine physician, and death doula based in Asheville, NC. She is a skilled/gifted doctor, mother, musician, and is currently pregnant with her 3rd child ~ slated to soon deliver next month.

Recently, Aditi and her husband Jay Brown (also a musician and remarkable heart) cared for, and held loving space for, Jay’s mother (Paula Costello Brown) who died from pancreatic cancer in their home in Black Mountain, NC. They held vigil for Paula and had a home funeral and green burial following her death. Aditi was with Paula as she died and truly stood at the threshold of birth/death with great wisdom, compassion, and experience ~ which is the core foundational focus of our Institute.  She held space for the conscious dying/death of her beloved mother-in-law while pregnant with her 3rd child.

Learn more about what it means to hold space for birth/death as well as a deeper exploration of conscious dying, home funeral preparation, and green burials. 

*Links via the AnyMeeting platform are sent to members 24-hours before the webinar begins. All members are welcome to join live and participate in a dynamic Q&A session. Recordings of monthly webinars are made available to members.