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Oh, I love teaching and learning. Even when the subject matter is difficult and emotionally charged, there is so much one can do to open the doors of the heart, mind, and being. There is so much one can do to inspire. Below are images from my recent Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss Utah Training…(Read More)

Every Mother Counts


Known for her iconic image, Christy Turlington Burns does more than model an ideal of physical beauty. Following the birth of her first child, Burns suffered from an unexpected postpartum hemorrhage. Her safe recovery depended upon the wise response of an effectively outfitted medical team. But what of women who do not have access to…(Read More)

Prenatal Yoga


Originally published in International Doula Magazine. Many pregnant women know that the practice of prenatal yoga asanas (postures) is helpful for in staying in shape through pregnancy and preparing for childbirth. In fact, most of the women in my prenatal yoga classes are entirely new to yoga and are inspired to try these ancient postures…(Read More)



  Oh, you who radiate life A blessing   May your pregnancy unfold with ease May gentleness surround you   Joy for precious days Days of two hearts beating in one body   You radiate wonder Inspiring poetry, art, worship of ancients   Trust your body This process and your unique pregnancy path   Soon…(Read More)