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Book Club ~ March, April, and May 2024

Open to all Institute members ~ free of tuition
Facilitated by Amy Wright Glenn

I Had A Miscarriage:
A Memoir, A Movement

by Jessica Zucker PhD


Monday evenings ~ 7-8:30pm EST
March 11 ~ discussing pages 1-72
April 15 ~ discussing pages 73-144
May 13 ~ discussing pages 145 – end

Zoom link will be sent to Institute members via email. 

All are welcome to join the Institute as a lifelong member
at the full tuition or scholarship tuition rate.

“Dr. Zucker’s book compassionately shows that there is no one way to grieve a miscarriage,
and in doing so normalizes a spectrum of mourning we don’t talk about nearly enough.”
~ Lorrie Gottlieb, author of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone