Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss is the finest continuing education class I have ever taken. I learned so much about the topic, about myself, and my story as the mother of an infant who died at nine-days-old.  Amy has a lovely manner of teaching. She is able to gently approach a very tough topic and make it so palatable.  I can truly say I think I now know how to hold space in a way that I never knew before. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
~ Linda Reilly Blue, birth doula, Connecticut


This training exceeded my expectations! Amy so artfully pulled together from the three dimensions of birth, breath, and death. It was well organized, and she was a focused group leader, able to honor and attend to those feeling their own grief, but also keeping with good time and energy toward the ticking clock and the needs of all attendees. Amy is an outstanding group leader and added warmth, honesty, and care to a difficult topic. I used information I learned immediately in the office on Monday morning. ~ Allison Ramsey, psychotherapist, North Carolina

Amy has changed my thoughts on miscarriage and stillbirth. She opened my heart and encouraged me to embody the meaning of true companioning. ~ Hildur Ran, birth doula, Iceland

Amy is kind, humble and accessible. Her diversified and extensive background in birth, death, religion and spirituality enhance her innate qualities that make for greatness. This workshop is invaluable to everyone involved in the birth world! ~ Alisha Tamburri, Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula, Hypnotherapist/ Counselor and Doula Mentor

I never envisioned it being so helpful for my own healing from my own pregnancy loss nearly a decade ago, and even more unexpectedly, it has helped me with other areas of grief in my life, most intensely the loss of a 10-year-marriage that occurred a few years back.  The course itself was profoundly helpful, but each time I use what I learned to help someone else with their healing, a little bit more of me is healed.  ~ Christina Winterbourne, Birth, Postpartum & Bereavement Doula, Washington


Amy Wright Glenn is a powerful advocate for the bereaved. She is a remarkable instructor and guides you along the path of Holding Space for yourself and for others. She is a shining essence of life and light. ~ Rebecca Robison, birth doula

Amy’s training is beautiful. It broke my heart wide open. My confidence went from, ‘However could I even broach this topic with anyone?’ to ‘I welcome the opportunity to hold space for a family experiencing a loss’ — because I have learned so much. It has already informed how I practice as a doula, and it has inspired me to continue on this path: to keep learning, and to create resources in my community where they may be lacking, invisible, or non existent. This training has fueled the fire in me. I would recommend it to anyone who feels called to work with loss. ~Elle James Forrest, full spectrum doula, Manchester, UK.

I want to thank you for your gracious and careful teaching, your wisdom and humor, and your thoughtfully prepared modules with interesting and relevant, deep reflection questions.  I learned a lot, in ways that surprised me.  I learned about myself, and I learned ways of holding space that I hadn’t considered before.  So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for offering a course like this, making it available virtually and self-paced, and for your continued work. I’m looking forward to showing off my certificate of completion to my coworkers! ~ Hannah Schaefer

Amy allows space for women to let the walls down so vulnerability is no longer a concern to our already bruised hearts. A space where we can be open and learn to process pain into understanding. We need more people in the world like Amy. Thank you Amy for the work you do. ~ Melinda Morales, Birth Advocate, lovebirth LLC

Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss is the most valuable course I have attended in years.  It should be required training for anyone who works in the perinatal field. Amy thoughtfully teaches a sensitive subject with a wide open heart and the most gentle of words.  Doulas especially can benefit from the practical skills she shares for supporting women and families during their darkest hours.  ~ Amy Peterson, lactation consultant and birth doula, New Hampshire

Amy opened my mind to so many elements of loss and ritual that I would have never otherwise considered. Amy presented information with a kind, calm, soothing voice.I am confident that my time spent with her will be of great benefit to my time spent with people at the end of their lives. ~Laura Geason, Pennsylvania, End of Life Doula

This is an excellent class to increase awareness of an issue that is often taboo and not spoken about. This course gives midwives the tools to help a mother deal with the grief of a perinatal loss. ~ Sharon Schlicher, Traditional Midwife, Oklahoma

It has been life-changing. Amy brings so much compassion and wisdom to this topic. I have a new skillset, and feel far more prepared to hold space for others in all areas of my life and work. ~ Antonia Anderson, postnatal doula, Australia

This course has been a wonderful eye opener for me. I learnt so much about how mourning differs from culture to culture, I learnt about myself, my own biases, interpretations and weaknesses so that I would better be able to hold space for others and myself in future. It has been so humbling. I feel that my paradigms in working with women and loss have been shifted. ~ Naseera Hoorzook, birth doula, Kuwait

I found in Amy and my fellow attendees strong and thoughtful allies. As a grieving mother, I felt an immediate sense of shared community, mutual respect, and compassionate receptivity during Amy’s workshop. As an educator, I greatly appreciated Amy’s organization, solid communication skills, and warm presence. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to participate in this workshop, and I highly recommend it. ~Joanne Zerdy, PhD, Inviting Abundance, North Carolina

Thank you for this training! I have learned to be still in their pain, holding space for whatever feelings they are experiencing. Companioning. Validating. Curious. Supportive. I am no longer filling the silence with words -with the attempts to save them from their experience. ~Emily Schultz, student midwife

Very highly recommended for anyone working with pregnant women and families. Before this course, I imagine that if I was with parents and a birth turned into an unanticipated demise, I might have frozen. My own rush of fear, grief, and sorrow would have been so heavy around the loss of a child. This course takes that moment and nourishes spaceholders to be with that moment and to have a context for it, whether the loss was in the past, the expected future, or without warning. The strengths of this course include Amy’s skill and tenderness as a teacher, both the breadth and specificity of the content, and its ability to simultaneously speak to the deeply personal and professional.  ~ Jess Larsen Jukeleviks, birth doula

This training has been one of the best investments I’ve made – in both my paid work and my personal growth. I feel empowered and ready to work with families facing pregnancy and infant loss and also many other unexpected outcomes. I will be recommending this course widely to anyone who works with birthing families.  ~ Anna Baker, postpartum doula, Canada

FullSizeRender_20I would recommend Amy’s classes to anyone wishing to take an authentic and comprehensive exploration with a true cultural pioneer. This has been one of the best classes I have taken. ~ Sally Hunt, midwife, Australia

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have taken Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss. This is a difficult subject to engage, perhaps especially in an online format, but the level of warmth, compassion, community facilitation, and personal attention that Amy brought to this training was absolutely phenomenal.  ~ Claire Wilson, birth doula, Oregon

I am very grateful to have been a participant. The Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss training was a wonderful facilitated learning experience. It was structured to take us on a journey of our own learning and meaning making and it was just the right balance of work, without being overtaxing.   ~ Hiranya de Alwis Jayasinghe, student doula, United Kingdom

Thank you for this class! I know that I am able to provide more sensitive care to clients hiring me to support them through loss, and that I am better prepared for unexpected loss with my clients as well, as a result of taking this training. I am so grateful for that. – Emily Landry, Doula, Childbirth Educator

I am grateful for having been part of the Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss training. In my line of work perinatal loss happens. I have yet to work with a client in that situation, but wanted to get some education on how to support a client should that happen. Diana Kotas, CD(DONA)

Thank you for teaching me how to open the door and hold space. I visited a new hospice patient last week and she shared that she had suffered a miscarriage when she was in her 20s.  She is 89 and totally alone in the world.  This baby girl still brought tears to her eyes.  Before class I would not have felt comfortable with the conversation that we had. ~ Lorane Wilson, student chaplain, Colorado

I cannot say enough for Amy Wright Glenn and all that she has put into her classes. I feel that she is a wonderful teacher with so much to offer to woman and men who are on a journey with pregnancy loss and the people who love them. ~ Kathleen Rouleau, hospice volunteer, Massachusetts

Thank you for all your gentle ways, Amy! I am almost 64-years-old so I have also had a lot of experience with death and dying – personally, professionally and spiritually. Yet, the words, attitude and methods Amy used to present this powerful information will certainly enhance my own life, future teaching and facilitating those in need.  ~ Jan Mallak, birth doula and Three Rivers Mothers’ Milk Bank Executive Board Treasurer, Pennsylvania

Amy’s online course for holding space for pregnancy loss was beautifully done and with so much heart. At times the subject was very heavy and would really drain my emotions, but she was always aware of this and gave us the space to process the information. I feel like I am better prepared to deal with a loss if this should happen while supporting a family as a postpartum doula. ~ Julie Dalla, postpartum doula, California

I feel empowered with the tools and knowledge to hold space for silence, to ask the questions, and to learn about the family’s grief. Amy has offered up the material for “Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss” in such a beautifully intentional and loving manner. This training has not only informed how I will approach my practice as a doula and as a future psychotherapist, but also how I hold space and companion others, and how I conceptualize death, loss, living, and being. I have deep gratitude for Amy and the work that she does. Thank you, Amy. ~ Kate Slade, birth doula, British Colombia 

Amy is a very accomplished and thoughtful teacher. ~ Olympia Nutall, prenatal yoga teacher, birth and postpartum doula, California

I would like to see attending Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss be a priority to all. The information taught is beneficial to anyone that interacts with a family that has experienced pregnancy and/or infant loss whether it be on a professional level or a personal one. The resources provided are invaluable. Thank you Amy Wright Glenn for your work and dedication in supporting the entire bereaved partnership. ~Delainey Casey, birth doula

Amy’s work changed my heart, dramatically. It gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my passion and gave me the tools needed to hold space. ~ Nakia Kelly, student doula, Maryland

Amy is a gifted and skillful guide through the landscape of loss. Everything that I have read, listened to, and personally written about as part of the coursework has been deeply meaningful, instructional and helpful. ~ Gigi Wickwire, birth doula and childbirth educator, Washington

Amy has invested so much light and wisdom in the course.
~ Liga Liepa-Kivilande, student doula, Latvia

Now I know have the confidence, education, and the ability to listen and hold space for families who are experiencing or have experienced infant loss. ~ Amanda DeGrace, Little Lotus Yoga Founder, Canada

Many thanks for sharing this with the world. Though I hope to never have to use these skills in my personal or professional life, I feel so completely equipped to walk alongside families grieving the loss of a baby.  I know that I will not be perfect but I will be present.  ~ Kim McNiece, birth doula, Rhode Island

Amy’s open heart and eagerness to learn alongside her students gives me so much hope and inspiration as I enter into working with women experiencing pregnancy, birth, and perhaps pregnancy loss. Her fierce presence during the sessions (and all the time in between modules each week) greatly impressed me.  ~ Susan Krakoff, yoga teacher and birth doula, Ireland

Amy’s course encouraged me to inculcate a certain kind of quiet presence, to become a companion to bereaved parents. ~ Krystina Friedlander, student midwife and birth doula, New Hampshire

This course was profoundly moving.  I feel not only more prepared to help my community deal with the unthinkable, but also very inspired to research other cultures and practices. So grateful to Amy for her unwavering compassion and diligence to supporting the living as we walk through the process of death and dying. ~ Lisa Flato, birth doula, California

Amy’s compassion and sense of peace truly shines in the way she connects to and communicates with others. I enjoyed taking the time out of each Sunday, knowing that I would be challenged and come away with a hunger to explore more and expand my heart space. ~ Ana Arreala Vallow, birth doula, Indiana

Amy is so warm and attentive. Even though I never met her in person, I feel like I know her well. I always felt like I could reach out to ask her questions or follow up on the course.  The course itself was structured so well, an amazing mix of theoretical and practical information on a very tough subject.  Thank you Amy! ~ Emily Gold, yoga teacher and birth doula, Brussels

The course makes room in our lives to go to this difficult place, not while the crisis is actually happening, so that we can wrap our heads around ways to walk people through this time before the crisis actually hits. Having had so many friends with pregnancy losses, it always hits unexpectedly and hard. I feel more prepared to serve clients and friends who face pregnancy loss.
~ Jennifer Kent, childbirth educator, California

This course was amazing on so many levels! As a childbirth educator and doula it really gave me some extra skills in what I can offer families. Recently losing my own father, this course really allowed me to go deep within myself and truly question and explore death and bereavement for myself and how I could support those who may have to go through such hard times. Thank you Amy. I look forward to working more with you in the future! ~ Tracy Hill, childbirth educator and birth doula, Canada

Amy is a very knowledgeable and and gracious facilitator. While the Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss workshop focused on losses associated with parents and babies, it taught me invaluable skills that will add to my ability to hold space for anyone, no matter what type of pain they might be in, or loss they might be facing.  ~ Ilonka O’Neil Yoga Teacher for Parents of Children with Special Needs, Florida

This course inspired a deeper look at my own journey and how I will continue to deepen my understudying of this work.  I am very grateful to the Institute for this incredible work. ~ Camilla Baca, birth doula and lactation consultant, Colorado

I found the Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss training immensely valuable. I am thankful for Amy and her willingness to offer this course and encourage discourse on loss and holding space for those experiencing loss. ~ Candice Hughes, childbirth educator and doula, Indiana

Amy’s training sheds light on a topic that many shy away from talking about. When so many women in our birth, yoga, and family communities suffer quietly from loss, it is necessary that we as birth workers to inform ourselves. Thank you Amy for helping us help others! Your bravery and compassion are vital to supporting women through loss. ~ Logan Kinney, birth doula and prenatal yoga teacher, Colorado

Thank you! I have the courage and understanding to engage with my clients around these difficult topics. Amy provided true clarity about my role. In addition to the courage and understanding needed to companion families through grief, I have developed a real desire to explore the topic deeper. Amy has provided a wealth of resources with which to continue my studies. ~ Amy Neuhedel, childbirth educator and birth doula, Sweden

This class has given me the confidence that I can talk with parents about perinatal loss deeply and calmly and that I can make a positive impact by walking alongside bereaved parents. ~ Christy Cozby, birth doula, Oregon

I will take every segment of what I’ve learned and and pour it out through my work. I will be! I will listen! I will be a true support in allowing families to do all they need to do. ~ Yves Skeel, birth doula, Canada

Amy is a very powerful teacher because her teaching comes directly from her heart and from a life that has experienced what she is teaching. ~ Tracy Glaser- Bacon, hospice worker, Ohio

Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss was incredibly enlightening and thought provoking. I would highly recommend anyone who may work with a woman or family that has experienced this type of tragic loss to take Amy’s course.~ Sarah Shipley, student postpartum doula, Canada

Anyone who wants to assist with bereaving families should consider taking this class and applying what they learn to those in their communities The resources provided are invaluable and the community of the class is uplifting and inspiring. ~ Chanté Perryman, birth and postpartum doula, Kentucky

I now have many practical tools to help my clients work through their grief surrounding pregnancy loss. Most importantly, I have the courage to walk alongside others and hold space for their time of loss. ~ Lisa Neuwig, psychotherapist, Illinois

I found the course to be extremely relevant and worthwhile. The content, readings, class discussions, and interaction with other members of the group through chat and FB page were always challenging to my current knowledge and emotional understanding of the subject. They pushed me outside of my comfort zone around a topic which doulas hope never to have to face, and yet always know is a possibility when working with birth.  I found the class invaluable to my growth as a doula and hospice worker. ~ Julie Schwalbach, birth doula, hospice volunteer, Minnesota

Amy gave me renewed confidence as a doula, wife, sister, and friend to truly ‘be there’ and hold space for families experiencing these kinds of deep losses of their precious children, as well as knowing how to care for myself in those times of loss. ~ Laura Devick, birth doula, North Dakota

Amy thoughtfully and lovingly teaches and sheds light in a place that is usually associated with so much darkness. She teaches with great courage. I feel more prepared as a postpartum doula in training to hold space for an unexpected outcome and feel my new insights will be helpful in my personal life as well with friends and family who may experience loss in any form. I feel very grateful for her work. ~ Nikki Echabarne, birth and postpartum doula, California

This class has been truly amazing. I have learned so much about supporting bereaving families.  Amy does a fabulous job of engaging the online students and making it feel very personal. ~ Tiffany Johnson, birth and postpartum doula, Rhode Island

I would recommend this class to anyone, and it is a must for any health care provider working with women, families and in pregnancy settings Amy is a fabulous teacher and has an eloquent way of speaking about the unthinkable losses that occur all around us in our world. . ~ Maddie Ackerman, birth doula and student RN, Washington

Amy has done an amazing job getting a group of people from all over the world together to explore and learn. Amy is a beautiful soul with a wealth of knowledge.  I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her. ~ Dana Klinkner, student doula, Pennsylvania



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