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When I review a doula certification submission, which includes written portions of conversations between the doula and a dying person or loved one, I spend time pointing out how an interaction could be improved in one way or another. It’s easy for me to see how the doula could have said something in a…(Read More)

Tales of a UU Chaplain


I watch a circle of my peers, hospital chaplains-in-training like myself, gather. We arrive on time to find ourselves in a small conference room. The chairs are arranged in a circle. While the bland bureaucracy of windowless hospital décor surrounds us, we stand at the precipice of a rigorous and multifaceted 9…(Read More)

Four Webinars for $40


The following four popular webinars focusing on parenting and cultivating mindful relationships are offered now in a bundle for $40USD. Members of the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death are able to view these for free. Contact Amy for registration information and/or links. WEBINAR #1 Interview with Susan Caruso, executive/artistic…(Read More)