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Amy Wright Glenn

Personal & Professional Mentor
Holding Space Consultant
Private Yoga & Meditation teacher
Birth & Death Doula
Writing Support


Personal and/or Professional Mentorship

Amy brings her attention, love, and support to individuals as they navigate important life transitions with regard to vocational and personal reflection/transformation. Moments of deep inquiry/decision making serve as powerful threshold points in our lives.

In November 2019, Amy completed the Level 1 Clinical Training Gottman Method Couples Therapy course and offers support for individuals as they process how/why they show up as they do in their intimate/personal relationships. Amy writes of the importance to face our shadows, honor our intuition, and working with our fears in a loving way.

In her book Holding Space, Amy writes: “On good days, as I cultivate the courage to face these fears, I find a quiet place in the house. I lie down on the floor. I scan through my body with awareness and nonjudgment. I notice places of holding and places of ease. I feel my body breathing and I focus on each inhale, and each exhale. On good days, I welcome the fear home into the love of my heart, as a mother would welcome a fearful child into her embracing arms. I’ve always found that love is big enough, strong enough, and more powerful than I’d imagined. Love can hold space for fear.”

Contact Amy to set up a mentorship session today and give yourself the gift of having Amy support you and nourish the “good days” when you know for certain that love can hold space for fear.

Amy also offers 6 and 12 month comprehensive mentorship program that entails one-on-one time with her as well as access to a wide range of Institute courses. Learn more about the Institute’s Mentorship Program.



Amy is a breath of fresh air. She created a safe space, void of judgement, for me to explore something completely new and well out of my comfort zone. Amy offers advice, brings a new technique to light each time we meet, and is a virtual shoulder to lean on.
~Lexie, Entrepreneur


Holding Space Consultations

In the spring of 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic began, Amy trained over 20 mental health counselors and seasoned birth and death doulas in the work of Holding Space for grief and difficult life change. Along with Amy, graduates of this training are committed to offering a portion of their work pro-bono during the current pandemic.

Learn more about the Scope of Practice that is the central pillar of this work and request a Holding Space Consultation today.

Amy Wright Glenn is a powerful advocate for the bereaved. She guides you along the path of Holding Space for yourself and for others.
~ Rebecca Robison, birth doula

Private Yoga & Meditation Instruction

Join Amy for individualized instruction as you move through various poses, practice mindful breathing, and calm your mind/heart in meditation. Drawing upon over 20-years of both practicing and teaching yoga, Amy brings a great deal of joy, ease, confidence, and kindness to her instruction. Amy offers in-person yoga and meditation instruction in the South Florida area ~ when there’s not a global pandemic. Currently, all private instruction with Amy is virtual.

Amy maintains a daily practice of mindfulness based exercises that incorporate awareness of breath, body, and movement. These practices are core to Amy’s being in the world as well as a central source of inspiration in her writing.

Amy is particularly interested in supporting new parents in cultivating daily mindfulness, yoga, and meditation practice. Amy also knows that the days of mothering, especially mothering little ones, can make maintaining a daily asana and seated meditation practice challenging. In her PhillyVoice article entitled, “Cheerios in my Yoga,” she writes: “How do we practice being mindful in mothering? Can we integrate simple asana practices into playing blocks or trucks? How does one breathe when holding a frustrated and tired child, especially if one is frustrated and tired, too?” Read the full article here.

Contact Amy to set up a meditation and/or yoga session today.

I was recently able to take the opportunity to learn meditation from Amy. It was truly the best gift I could give myself. Amy went through several different types of meditation so I could find what worked best for me personally. She has such a calming and nurturing presence. Amy is a tremendous resource and an amazing teacher! I look forward to more sessions with her in the future.  ~ Ashley Mason, mother of five 

Birth & Death Doula

DoulaAs a birth doula, Amy draws upon her knowledge and experience to provide emotional and physical support in labor/delivery. For example, she provides reassurance and perspective, makes suggestions for labor progress, helps with relaxation, massage, positioning, and draws upon proven comfort measures.

In her PhillyVoice article entitled, “Doula and Birth Plans,” Amy writes: “Every birthing person manages the emotions, intensity and pain of labor differently. Each body is different. Each story is different. It is far from one-size fits all. Sitting down with a doula to discuss birth preferences can be beyond helpful as it takes a standard template and individualizes it with mindfulness and care.” Read the full article here. 

As a death doula, Amy holds sacred space to process the anticipated and most difficult experience of  loss. For example, she provides emotional, spiritual, and physical support and advocacy. Amy listens, loves, and honors each individual’s unique process of grieving.

In her PhillyVoice article entitled “Doula for the Dying,” she writes: “I am a doula. I am also a hospital chaplain. In holding space for birthing and dying, I’ve come to see one thing clearly. Standing with an open heart in the presence of birth is very much like standing with an open heart in the presence of death.”  Read the full article here.

Contact Amy to inquire about her private birth and death doula work today.

Amy thoughtfully and lovingly teaches and sheds light in a place that is usually associated with so much darkness. She teaches with great courage. I feel my new insights will be helpful in my personal life as well with friends and family who may experience loss in any form. I feel very grateful for her work.
~ Nikki Echabarne, birth and postpartum doula

Writing Support

Are you writing your memoir? A high school history paper? Your soon-to-be-published children’s book?

Amy loves the written word! As a successful author of two well received non-fiction books: Birth, Breath, and Death and Holding Space ~ Amy brings a keen eye to detail and organization. As a tutor, she brings the heart of a doula to her work ~ offering compassionate support as students and writers hone their craft.

Amy taught philosophy, ethics, and comparative world religions for 11 years at The Lawrenceville School and earned the Dunbar Abston Jr. Chair of Teaching Excellence. Prior to Lawrenceville, Amy taught an amazing group of 6th graders and military personnel at the college level through Chapman University. As a high school and college teacher, Amy has edited, read, and graded thousands of papers. She brings solid experience and a keen eye for excellence to her work as a writing tutor.

Amy offers one-on-one tutoring online and works with individuals on an as need basis. She is skilled at copy-editing, brainstorming new writing ideas, and organizational support.

Contact Amy for availability and rates.


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