Mentorship Program

Amy Wright Glenn offers an in-depth 6-month mentorship program for all called to study many Institute courses and benefit from one-on-one consultation time with Amy.  All are welcome to sign up for this mentorship program and pace oneself as inspired.

6-month mentorship includes

12 50-minute consultations with Amy. Participants usually pace these sessions at 2x a month. Valued at $1440 ($120 a session x 12 sessions)

Open access to 6 self-guided Institute courses taught by Amy. Examples include: Holding Space for Abortion, Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss, Shadow Work, and World Religions for Birth & Death Doulas. Each course is valued at $100. The total value of this portion of the mentorship package is $600.

Open access to 3 live Institute courses. Any course taught by Amy is an option. The estimated value is $700 as the average price for each live course is $250.

Total value ~ $2,740
Mentorship Program rate ~ $2,000


Contact Amy for more information. 



“I believe in the power and redemption of the examined life.”
~ Julie L. Hall