Every month, Institute founder and director Amy Wright Glenn offers an Institute Webinar for members of the Institute. Amy interviews creative/compassionate leaders, practitioners, and pioneers with regard to deepening our understanding of how  birth, breath, and death. Visit the Institute homepage for information on each month’s current membership webinar.

Every Sunday, Amy offers Religious Education classes for UU children at 11:30am and at 12pm EST. These classes are open to all UU families and all who find themselves in alignment with UU beliefs/principles.

Every 2nd Sunday of the month, Amy holds space for an Open Institute Zoom open to all. Those called to hold space for life’s sacred threshold points meet, connect, share insights/wisdom/questions. Upcoming Institute programs are also highlighted. These gatherings are not recorded and are facilitated by Amy.

To join: Meeting ID: 810 0212 0448 ~ Passcode: 837786

Every last Sunday of the month, Amy offers an hour-long Understanding World Religions for UUs and Friends course open and free to all.

Every last Wednesday of the month, Amy co-hosts a Day of Digital Rest Circle with Nicole Heidbreder, RN. Join the movement to mindfully structure in respites from digital and screen devices and receive support along the way. Learn more.


Self-Guided Courses

Birthing Mama Prenatal Yoga ~ Amy Wright Glenn and Corinne Andrews, co-founder of Yoga Amherst join together to offer up a powerful exploration of the benefits of yoga practice to pregnant people. This is a self-guided course that has two tracks ~ one 15-hour and one 30-hour. Yoga Alliance CEUs are available for the 30-track option. Learn more and sign up today.

Educator Self Care and Compassion ~ This 16-hour, self-guided course draws upon a summer 2020 collaboration with the Klingenstein Center at Teachers College, Columbia University. Open to all K-12 educators and parents, join Amy  for an in-depth exploration of what it means for educators to cultivate self care and compassion ~ especially during the days of Covid. Learn more and sign up today.

Grief Work for Healthcare Providers ~ This is a 10-hour, self-guided course and RNs can earn CEs for its completion. Drawing upon research, poetry, and their personal experience in working in a hospital setting, Amy Wright Glenn and Nicole Heidbreder, RN worked diligently to co-create a powerful course to nourish and support healthcare workers in this age of Covid. All involved in healthcare are warmly welcome. Learn more and sign up today.

Holding Space for Grief ~ This is an hour-long recording of Amy Wright Glenn interviewing Dr. Joanne Cacciatore about her work, her writing, and what it means to hold space for grief. “Dr. Jo” has touched the lives of many thousands of bereaved people. She helped create and directs the graduate Certificate in Trauma and Bereavement program at Arizona State University. Listeners are welcomed to make a donation of any amount to the Selah Care Farm, founded by Dr. Jo. Learn more.

Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss ~ Over 900 birth workers, mental health providers, and bereaved parents have taken this course. This is a signature course for the Institute. In it, Amy leads participants in a 15-hour, self-guided training wherein the concepts/practices of companioning, strengthening the support network, and the healing power of ritual are explored. All are welcome. Learn more and sign up today.

Shadow Work ~This is an 8-hour, self-guided deep exploration of what it means to integrate the aspects of self relegated to the shadows. What is the shadow? How can we come to understand and more fully engage with disenfranchised and disconnected elements of our being? Anger, hurt, jealousy, shame, guilt ~ coming to more deeply understand the role of these emotions in human life is central to shadow work. All are welcome. Learn more and sign up today.

Rituals of Loss ~ This is an hour-long self-guided ritual led by Amy. Open to people of all faiths/perspectives, this guided experience involves meditation, poetry, candle lighting, and written reflection. All proceeds from this donation-based experience are donated to Doctors without Borders.  Learn more and sign up today.

Rituals for Pregnancy Loss in the Age of Covid-19 ~ This is an hour+ long presentation/reflection by Amy on the significance and shift in rituals relating to loss in general, and pregnancy loss in particular, given our global pandemic. Learn more and sign up today. 

What is Codependency? ~ Listen to Amy’s pre-recorded, self paced 90-minute lecture/webinar on codependency. Far too many care providers struggle in their intimate and/or work relationships with codependent patterns. What is the difference between codependency and empathy? Learn more and sign up today.



I have come to drag you out of yourself
and take you in my heart.
I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had
and lift you like a prayer to the sky.