Holding Space for Early Loss

How can we best support birthing people through early loss including chemical pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, and early miscarriage?

This self-guided 90-minute training will support you in deepening/refining your skills in holding space for early loss through companioning, strengthening support networks, and ritual.


What is the nature of early pregnancy loss?

How can doulas, midwives, prenatal yoga teachers, birth professionals, & family/friends
honor the sorrow associated with such a private loss?

All are invited to join Amy Wright Glenn for
a 90-minute self-guided training on Holding Space for Early Loss.

The recording includes information based upon:

*Recent research regarding early loss
*The private nature of early pregnancy loss
*Why early loss is overlooked and disregarded
*Honoring “chemical pregnancy” in an age of early pregnancy detection
*Best practices for holding space for early loss too often minimized and unreported
*Companioning, strengthening the support network, and rituals for early loss
*Our focus includes chemical pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, and early miscarriage





“Do you have kids?” strangers asked almost every day.
“No,” I said, not wanting to explain, because, really, it’s an unimaginative question, full of their beliefs about what family means, about who counts as kin, and it’s a hard question for anyone with a complicated relationship to family making, for those of us who’ve experience miscarriage or failed adoptions or the death of a child, for those of us estranged or embattled or in grief. It’s a question I now refuse to ask.

“Tell me about your family,” I say instead,
because I know belonging comes in all shapes and sizes, visible and invisible,
hidden and made and chosen and found.”

― Sarah Sentilles, Stranger Care