Ritual for Regret & Forgiveness


This June, all are welcome to join Amy Wright Glenn, Institute founder and director for a 90-minute gathering focusing on regret and forgiveness. The central component of this gathering will be a communal ritual crafted to honor the energies of both regret and forgiveness.

All who register by May 5th will receive a coupon for $100 to join one of the Institute’s four Study Circles which meet monthly and focus on: birth, breath, death, and dreams. 


Those drawn to the thresholds of holding space for birth, breath, and death know that regret is a common energy/theme that can emerge. For difficult choices are often made in this mortal journey ~ choices relating to medical decisions, relationships, career, parenting, and/or choices relating to our own self care. What does the most recent research on regret have to teach us? What does the most recent research on forgiveness have to teach us? And what rituals can we integrate along the way to support our journey through the experience of regret?

We do know that…

Forgiveness of self and/or others is a powerful way to
reconcile and integrate the energies of regret.

Ritual is key.

Join us
Friday, June 17 2022
7-8:30pm EST

The first hour of our gathering will involve teaching, reflection, and breakout rooms regarding the themes of regret and forgiveness. The second our of our gathering will entail a nonsectarian group ritual for regret and forgiveness. This portion is not recorded.


For the ritual, please bring:

An empty bowl
Petals from a flower
A rough or jagged stone
A piece of paper and a pen
A candle + lighter or matches
A glass of salt water

All are welcome.