Loving, Dying, & Letting Go Teacher Training

The April 2024 Loving, Dying, & Letting Go Teacher Training, taught by Amy Wright Glenn, equips individuals with both the knowledge needed to teach, and the skillful means of crafting, transformative3-hour online or in-person Loving, Dying, & Letting Go workshops.

Tuition is $600 USD
*Institute Members pay $450

All participants can set up interest-free payment plans.
Scholarships available.

To apply, contact Amy.

We gather online (sessions are recorded) on the following dates:
Saturday, April 20 ~ 3-5pm EST
Saturday, April 27 ~ 3-5pm EST
Saturday, May 4 ~ 3-5pm EST
Thursday, May 9 ~ 6-8pm EST
Thursday, May 23 ~ 6-8pm EST

Who should apply?

Individuals who:

  • Are familiar with, and deeply resonate with, insights/reflections shared in Institute teachings/courses
  • Have read Birth, Breath, and Death and/or Holding Space by Amy Wright Glenn
  • Feel called to the work of bringing more compassion and mindfulness to the sacred thresholds of loving, dying, and letting go
  • Have a background in teaching and/or public speaking — communicates effectively and can effectively facilitate group discussions on difficult topics
  • Looking to partner with an innovative and creative organization to bring quality in-person workshops/trainings to their communities (or travel to share with our larger national/international community)


The Teacher Training is two months long and includes:

*10-hours of partner/group and webinar work presented live and online ~ spaced over April and May 2024 ~ recordings of webinars are made available to participants

*10-hours of independent study including reading, writing, and practice teaching

*1 Holding Space Consultation ~ offered at any point in the training to strengthen support and connection through the process

*Individuals graduate with a 21-hour certificate of completion formally certifying them to teach 3-hour online or in-person trainings with the support of the Institute ~ inspiring lives, easing suffering, and supplementing their income along the way.

*There is no yearly fee to stay accredited as an Institute Teacher and Institute Teachers aren’t required to pay back any portion of their earnings to the Institute. All Institute Teachers are featured on the respective Institute webpage. If Institute Teachers would like their courses lifted up on the Institute’s Facebook page and email newsletter, there is an annual fee for that specific marketing support.

Teacher will train to facilitate 3-hour long Loving, Dying, & Letting Go workshops consisting of content, theory, experiential, and self-discovery components. The aim of the Loving, Dying, & Letting Go workshop is to provide a safe space for people of all perspectives and traditions to reflect personally on what it means to live a mortal life full of loving, dying, and letting go.

Participants are requested to read Holding Space ~ on Loving, Dying, and Letting Go
by Amy Wright Glenn in preparation for the workshop.

Each Loving, Dying, & Letting Go Institute Teacher will be working from a common template and platform of content that allows for individualized presentation and personalization of the material.


This book is like a superhero, showing us how to run bravely toward the darkness and come out the other side as a human being. Amy deserves not just praise for writing in gorgeous, clear prose, but deep thanks for creating a gentle guide we all need for that one thing no one escapes: death.

—Tina Cassidy, Birth