A Home for All who Hold Space for the Sacred Thresholds of Birth, Breath, and Death

The Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death is an inspiring and nurturing professional organization dedicated to furthering the development and professional skill set of those called to hold space for mindful birthing, living, and dying.

Founded in 2015 by Amy Wright Glenn, the Institute was created to bring those drawn to the caring professions of birth and death work together with professionals dedicated to teaching mindfulness based living skills.

The Institute is a pioneering force offering monthly webinars on themes relating to compassionately holding space for birth, breath, and death as well as providing quality in-person and online trainings/workshops for the heartfelt engagement with these topics.


The month we lift up LOVE

It’s February dear ones…

Whether you give a bouquet of roses to a beloved, help children make Valentines, or simply smile when you walk past an array of Hallmark cards, this is the month our culture celebrates with chocolate, kisses, and heart-shaped candy.

But what does it mean to love?

In a world of change, where everything we know through the senses begins and ends, how can we love bravely, truly, honestly, and with the courage to embrace ~ and release? How can we love, when we know we will die? How can we love when we know we will need to let go?

If you are like me, these questions live in you ~ and they certainly burned bright in my heart as I designed the online, self-guided Loving, Dying, and Letting Go course.

In honor of February, and in honor of all hearts that strive to live true to love,

I’m so happy to announce the following:






$30 USD

(It gets better…) 

For the month of February,

Lifetime Institute membership is 

$30 USD


(It gets even better…) 

A signed copy of my first book 

$15 USD

And all together

~ should you choose to combine the three ~

$70 USD

Now, maybe you are already a member of the Institute,

have a copy of my first book, and you’ve taken Loving, Dying, and Letting Go.


However, you can still benefit in that you are welcome to gift these experiences/items to family/friends/colleagues as Valentines. Plus you can mix and match them. Perhaps one friend would love the book, another would love membership, and another would love the course.

Contact Amy should you want to benefit from this February special as we lift up love!

Happy (upcoming) Valentine’s Day to all of you.

Blessings of love.

30 + 30 + 15 times eternity!

Join Amy for the February 2020 Institute Webinar

Interview with Emily Graham and Carey Glenn

In preparation for this interview, please watch the documentary These are my Hours.
Emily and Carey are both featured in this film.

Monday, February 24th 6:30-7:30pm EST

These Are My Hours is a poetic documentary that follows one woman’s journey through labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum. 

Emily Graham (the mother) and Carey Glenn (her midwife) are business partners, friends, and the producers of the film. 

In the past year they’ve traveled the country and shared the film around the world in academic and community settings for the purpose of creating conversations around autonomy, physiology, the history of birth along with its presentation in media, and the liminal, spiritual dimensions of becoming parents.  These are universal topics that are not bound to a setting or type of birth experience. We are all born. 

Together Emily and Carey created an online trauma-informed birth and postpartum educator + doula certification program that grants screening licenses of These Are My Hours for public or class viewings. 

Emily writes:

“We both came into birth work after our first babies were born. During the same years, hundreds of miles apart, we both studied and learned the art of midwifery through traditional apprenticeships. Each of us has sat with hundreds of families during the powerful year of growing, birthing, and nursing a baby. We met for the first time in 2012 when Emily hired Carey to be her midwife for her third birth. We quickly decided we’d work together after Emily’s postpartum, and that’s just what we did!

We’ve learned a few things along the way, and have been thoroughly humbled and changed by watching people dig deep and show up for themselves in ways they never thought possible. Birth is a catalyst for a whole-life shift, for everyone who does it or sees it, if one can be still enough to allow it’s magic to work. Birth is humanity, it is community, it is feminism, it is a reclamation of power. In a world where parenthood is politicized and made into a hardship, we bravely and loudly claim our place in a world where mothers are seen for what they truly are; lifegivers and changemakers. Our work is to support families having babies and the people who serve them in seeing the power they hold in themselves.

We serve families planning homebirths in South Carolina through Rooted Birth Midwifery and train doulas and educators through our online program These Are My Hours Trauma-Informed Doula/Birth & Postpartum Educator certification.”


This webinar is free for members of the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death. Learn more about membership here. Members who can’t join live will be given access the recording.


September 2019’s Institute Webinar is open to all.


Every year, Amy opens one Institute webinar to the public. Usually, monthly webinars are created for, and viewed by, Institute members. However, in September 2019, Amy interviewed Cara Belvin, the founder of empowerHER and Amy chose to lift up their conversation and open access to all.

Cara Belvin founded empowerHER in 2013, inspired by her own experience of grieving the loss of her mother who died of breast cancer when Cara was 9-years-old.  Her work to empower young girls who have also lost their mothers has been featured on many media outlets including Parents magazine, PBS, and the Boston Globe.

How can we best support bereaved children? How does an organization like empowerHER help transform our the discourse around death and dying in our culture? How can one become involved with local chapters of empowerHER?

Learn more about empowerHER


“Today, wise and creative cultural pioneers lead a burgeoning movement in applying key elements of the birth doula model to train people to companion each other in death. Given that our experience of death has become so institutionalized and medicalized, applying the doula model of care to death and dying represents a sane and needed grounding in the wisdom of compassion, companioning and proven comfort measures.”

~Amy Wright Glenn, writing for PhillyVoice