Yoga Testimonials


Yoga Testimonials for Amy Wright Glenn

“Amy’s teaching style draws you into the heart of practice, breathing the body into connections with self, spirit, and the universe.”

“Amy has a soothing voice and calming presence. She guides with care. She reminds us why we are there.”

“Amy holds a space that honors each individual’s strengths. She honors and holds each individual as they grow. Amy holds a space that allows you to process whatever comes up for you.”

“Our private Yoga sessions with Amy made a change in our lives. Amy’s lessons are always focused on our special needs of the evening. They are taught with love and passion.”

“Amy is the best yoga instructor I have had. You will leave her class feeling inspired and energized.”

“Amy brings a deep sense of spirit and sensibility to her yoga instruction. She creates an environment where the student learns the balance of mindfulness and physical sensation. She leads this practice towards union with mind, body and spirit helping one to quietly awaken his or her personal power.”

“I’m brand new to yoga and have held back for years because I was afraid of embarrassing myself. Now I am kicking myself because with Amy’s tenderness and patience, I’ve been able to explore yoga in a way I never thought possible. Cliché or not, Amy has brought peace and comfort to my life.”

“Amy models the non-judgmental and non-competitive ideals of a true yoga practice. She teaches with a generosity of spirit. Every class was an opportunity to engage with body and spirit, and to shed insecurity in order to make space for peace.”


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