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On being called a traitor


Traitor. Christ hater. Liar. Secret Muslim. Whew! Upon the publication of my most recent PhillyVoice article entitled Take heart America: Standing in courageous unity with our Muslim American citizens, I took a deep breath. Given that hate speech/crimes against Muslims in the US are at a record high, I understood that I was putting…(Read More)

Hospice professionals can completely change how people die, as well as how their loved ones go on living. Joan “No one wants to go in her room,” an outspoken middle-aged man says. “Aunt Joan looks awful.” As the hospital chaplain on call, I’ve been paged to offer support to the family clustered in…(Read More)

“My penis was cut without my consent and without good reason. This will not happen to our son.” My husband speaks with clarity and conviction. Long before we became parents, my husband carefully researched the subject of male genital cutting, commonly called circumcision. His opposition to the practice is two-fold. First, there is the…(Read More)

For the last 15 years, I’ve taught comparative religion and philosophy at the college and independent high school level. At some point in every course, inevitably the question arises, “So, what religion do you follow Amy?” Bright eyes accompany this heartfelt inquiry. I also hear cautious curiosity in their voices. Would my students think…(Read More)