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Join me in Hawaii


2019 International Death Doula Training Join Amy Wright Glenn in Hawaii this April for the 2019 International Death Doula training sponsored by Doorway into Light. Featured teachers include Ram Dass. Learn more and register today. “Death Doula’s are Warriors of the Heart and Protectors of the Sacred, who show up for dying and death…(Read More)

Yes She Was


I recently interviewed Lisa Flato, the author of the following piece/poem. Our subject was post-traumatic growth. A recording of the interview is accessible to all members of the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death. Each month I host interviews, webinars, and open discussions focusing on the threshold points of birth…(Read More)

In this circle no fear


In this circle, no fear In this circle, deep peace In this circle, great happiness In this circle, safety  We gathered by the sea. Women who hold space for thresholds. Women who hold the hands of the birthing and the dying.  We gathered to learn, share, inspire, restore. Through yoga, meditation, open discussion, and deep…(Read More)

Round the Circle


I love holding a book in my hands that I just can’t wait to read. Each chapter, a treasure. Each page, an inspiration. This is how I feel when I pick up my new copy of “Round the Circle: Doulas Share Their Experiences.” I am particularly joyful as I am one of 23 doulas…(Read More)

Below is an up-to-date list of voice, Skype, and web interviews relating to Amy Wright Glenn’s work as a doula, chaplain, yoga teacher, mother, and writer. Enjoy. Adriana Lozada, birth doula, author, and the creator of “The Birthful Podcast,” recently interviewed Amy about stillbirth and infant loss. How best can we support…(Read More)

The purple bag is packed. In fact, I’ve had it ready now for two weeks. Lovingly assembled doula items wait patiently. “I’m on call right now,” I tell my religion and philosophy students at a New Jersey preparatory boarding school. I place my cell phone on the large wooden table that is the…(Read More)

Doula of Birth and Death


I am a mother. Through my body, my son entered our world. Because of this fact, one day he will die. I bow to the mystery wherein resides this difficult truth. I bow to the love that gives this mystery meaning. *** At birth, we each are given two gifts. One is life and the…(Read More)

Meredith’s Story “Amy, can you meet us at the hospital in an hour?” my doula client asks. “We are trying to decide what to do.” “Of course. I’ll be there soon Meredith.” I hang up my phone and take a deep breath. Meredith is a first-time mom hoping for a natural birth…(Read More)

I love weaving together insights drawn from different facets of my life. For example, in my work as a teacher of comparative religion and philosophy, I love sharing tales of birth and reflecting with my students on cross-cultural archetypes of the mother. In my work as a doula, I love supporting a woman’s…(Read More)

Originally published in International Doula  I write these words as the sun rises across acres of fields in central New Jersey. Tree tops turn pink on this cold December morning. The earth awakens. How blessed we are for her faithful spinning around the sun. I write these words as I enter into the final stretch…(Read More)