Sunflower Fundraiser

I love Sunflower Creative Arts.

Located in Delray Beach, Florida ~ Sunflower is a warm hearted, wise, and wonderful play-nature-art based preschool.
My son thrived while at Sunflower. So many children treasure their years there.

Sunflower exists because there is a force of nature, good, and wonder in this world named Susan Caruso.
(We love you Susan!)

For over 25-years, Susan and Sunflower have provided a sanctuary for families who seek to lift up the power of creative, expressive, safe, and free play for children in their early childhood years. All are welcome to join live ~ or benefit from hearing Amy interview Susan about the philosophy of Sunflower. Why play-nature-art? Why is this specific combination so healing and important for children ~ and adults?


This is a fundraiser for Sunflower.

Amy Wright Glenn interviews Susan Caruso
“Why play-nature-art?”

Sunday April 18, 2021
10am to 11am EST

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 822 1758 3750
Passcode: 684639

Any donation of any amount is welcome.

Amy Wright Glenn, Taber Glenn, and Susan Caruso