Shadow Work

Shadow is a term for the discarded aspects of our personalities within that inform our lives. It offers the potential to reveal what we previously thought was unsuitable, so unsuitable that we imprisoned it and forgot it. The aim of healing is to know the shadow well, appreciate it and seek to integrate it… Your shadow is worthy as a part of your life story, but it is not useful as the operating manual.
~ Pixie Lighthorse, Goldmining the Shadows 


What does it mean to hold space for our shadows?

How you integrate, reconcile with, and/or even acknowledge the pain, hurt, disappointment, loss, envy, fear, failures, betrayal, and anger you’ve known?

What is shadow work? 

Join author, birth/death doula, yoga teacher, hospital chaplain Amy Wright Glenn as we explore these central questions. Whether you are drawn to shadow work because it will help deepen your professional work as a birth/death doula or mental health professional or because you are currently working with a challenging personal struggle, the examination of one’s shadow is vital and important. It is courageous and deep work leading to a more integrated and fulfilling life.


Shadow Work

Presented live and online ~ Wednesdays 6-8pm Eastern

February 5th, 12th, and 19th


*Institute and INELDA members pay $125

Recordings made available to all participants. One need not join live to register.



This course will:

Introduce you to the terms “shadow” and “hungry ghosts” within the fields of mythology, psychology, and spirituality.

Explore why shadow work is important ~ especially for those called to hold space for life’s sacred threshold points like birth, death, deep transformative change/loss

How shadow work connects to grief

How shadow work connects to working with fear

How shadow work connects to birth and death

Help gently guide you into dialogue with aspects of your own being that have been relegated to the subterranean levels of awareness.


*Note, this course is not a replacement for formal therapy and should be undertaken with mindfulness.

Two books are central to our study: Goldmining the Shadows by Pixie Lighthorse and Holding Space~ On Loving, Dying, and Letting Go by Amy Wright Glenn. Be sure to secure copies of these books before we begin in February.