Summer Self-Care Support Circle


You are invited to join a community committed to supporting you as you nourish your intuition, strengthen your body, and bring clarity to your heart/mind/spirit. From July 2022 through June 2023, Amy Wright Glenn, founder and director of the Institute will lead participants through live, monthly webinars + facilitated group discussions on key themes. Participants will be given the opportunity to join an optional, independent small group to further deepen a commitment to self care.

All are welcome!

Institute Members receive 50% off of their tuition. Simply enter the Institute code upon registration. All are welcome to join the Institute. Membership is lifelong.


*First Friday of each month from July 2022 to June 2023
Beginning Friday, July 1
6-8pm EST

The Self-Care Support Circle is open to all.

*There may be months when the timing shifts for our gatherings due to unforeseen circumstances.

Join Amy for an intensive, year-long study/practice of Self-Care.

We focus on 12 themes ~ one per month.

2022 Themes include:

July~ Cultivating Joy
August~ Opening to Love
September ~ Practicing Forgiveness
October ~ Mindful Breathing
November~ Understanding our Shadow
December ~ Nourishing Foods
January ~ Healthy Sleep
February ~ Strengthening our Courage
March ~ Facing Fear
April ~ Time in Nature
May ~ Deepening our Gratitude
June ~ Faith in the Light


Every month, participants in the Self-Care Support Circle benefit from:

*1-hour, theme-based live webinar with Amy presented through Zoom.
Participants can join live or watch recording.

*1-hour, theme-based live Zoom discussion with Amy.
(These are not recorded.)
Both of these hours are presented consecutively on the first Friday of each month. 

*Optional Small Group ~ discussion times set up between members

*Optional one-on-one 50-minute consultations with a Holding Space Consultant
All participants are welcome to work with a Holding Space Consultant to set up consultations. This opportunity is not included in the tuition. Fees for consultations are paid directly to the consultant.



Last year I decided to gift myself time for the Self Care Circle. This decision ended up being one of the highlights of my year. The Self Care Circle was a gathering I looked forward to every month. I have found that focusing on a different aspect of care each month was integral to my own healing journey. Gathering monthly helped guide me to a real softening of my heart in ways I am still uncovering. The circle of care created by Amy and held up by the group was a really bright spot in a year filled with darkness. Such a gift to be a part of this.
~Laura LaBelle, Institute Teacher