Parent Book Study

Join us this May 2023 for a thoughtful and open discussion/reflection on “Decoding Boys” by Dr. Cara Natterson.

All are welcome.


Parent Book Study

Tuesdays, May 9, 16, & 23

6-8pm EST

Join Amy Wright Glenn, Institute founder/director, for 8-hours of study focusing on Dr. Cara Natterson’s Decoding Boys ~ New Science Behind the Subtle Art of Raising Sons.

Key themes of our study:

*Supporting our boys through puberty and understanding the first signs of puberty
*Hormonal shifts in puberty that impact communication, behavior, and self-image
*Supporting teens in making safe/positive choices and understanding the roots of risky behavior
*Navigating healthy boundaries around screen time with regard to gaming and pornography
*Affirming the centrality of consent in our #MeToo culture
*Supporting our boys in finding their authentic voice and nurturing honest and open connections

Amy will facilitate discussion, make room for questions, share insights, open breakout rooms for small group responses and personal reflections.

*All three modules will be recorded and shared with participants. One need not join live to benefit from this Parent Book Study. All are welcome. 

Meet our author: 

Cara Natterson, MD, is a pediatrician, popular speaker, consultant, and New York Times bestselling author of multiple parenting and health books, including The Care and Keeping of You, a three-book series with more than six million copies in print, and Guy Stuff, the corollary for boys. A graduate of Harvard College and Johns Hopkins Medical School, Cara trained in pediatrics at University of California at San Francisco. (Quoted from Random House author page ~ Read more)