Hungry Ghosts


This 13-hour course is open to all interested in the spiritual and psychological dimensions of exploring “hungry ghosts.” This course focuses on interpersonal growth and inner reconciliation. Those who have survived narcissistic abuse, trauma bonding, and/or are working in the field of mental health are particularly welcome.

Members of the Institute pay $150 for this course. If you are a member, contact Amy for registration information.


What does it mean to nourish and heal one’s hungry ghosts?

How do we integrate/reconcile the energies of self blame, self sabotage, doubt, and despair?

As sensitive people drawn to the work of holding space for life’s threshold points, how do we navigate the hungry ghosts of those around us ~ particularly narcissists and other manipulators?



Join Institute founder, Amy Wright Glenn, for a 4-week exploration of your inner “hungry ghosts” ~ a term used in Buddhism to refer to unmet inner needs and psychological/spiritual shadows. Along the way, you will strengthen your ability to not only reconcile with shadow elements within ~ but also navigate the toxic, hungry ghosts of those around you.

Saturday, November 28th & Saturdays December 5, 12, and 19
1-3pm EST

*One need not join live as the modules are recorded and shared with participants.


Stories of hungry ghosts can be helpful metaphors for the selfish and insatiable cravings that can derail us all. Hungry ghosts represent the ugliness of our unhealthy attachments and our blind quest to seek permanent satisfaction in an endless consumption of changing things… these shadows haunt us until we welcome them home.

~ Amy Wright Glenn, Holding Space


Are you a highly sensitive person? Are you drawn to the healing paths of caregiving?

Do you tend to “over-feel” and intuit the emotional states of those around you easily, even disregarding your own? Given this, how do you navigate the complexity of interacting with “toxic” people? How do you navigate your own complexity ~ your own “hungry ghosts?”

The Hungry Ghosts course includes the following:

  • 8-hours of live (or recorded) time with Amy ~ offered up through the AnyMeeting platform.
  • One 50-minute Holding Space Consultation wherein participants are able to explore the themes of our study in a brave/safe/confidential/individual format.
  • Personal journal reflection/writing based upon prompts provided in each of the four 2-hour modules of study.

*The tuition for this course includes a required 50-minute Holding Space Consultation wherein participants receive one-on-one support, insight, compassion, and heartfelt reflection as they process the themes that came alive for them in the exploration of this course. Learn more about the Scope of Practice that guides this experience.

The four modules of study include:

The Shadow Side of Caregiving: What does it mean to be highly sensitive? Why are highly sensitive people drawn to birth, breath, and death work? What do the hungry ghosts of highly sensitive people tell us about the shadow side of care giving?

Examination of Past Patterns: What do our past patterns ~both in terms of relationship with self and in relationship with others ~reveal about our hungry ghosts? If we have a tendency to get enmeshed with manipulative and abusive people, why is that? What can we learn about ourselves as we archive our own history?

Holding Space for Hungry Ghosts: Holding space means bringing compassionate presence to what is. How can we bring compassionate presence to the parts of us that we have discarded, ignored, or tried to self-medicate through maladaptive soothing mechanisms? As we learn to hold space for our own hungry ghosts, we also learn to hold space ~ and respond appropriately ~ to the hungry ghosts of those around us.

Integration and Reconciliation: What specific “how to” practical steps offer pathways to integration and reconciliation with own own shadowed aspects, negative self talk, hungry ghosts and with those around us? As we practice spiritual/emotional/mental pathways that avoid bypassing the shadow, we strengthen ourselves on all levels ~ deeply accessing the gifts we feel called to offer up to our beloved ones, and the world.


Integration and reconciliation are a journey that continues long after this course concludes, however this 13-hour exploration will support you in your journey in deep and profound ways.


Two books are needed for this course.

Holding Space ~ On Loving, Dying, and Letting Go by Amy Wright Glenn

The Highly Sensitive Person’s Guide to Dealing with Toxic People by Shahida Arabi














I would recommend Amy’s classes to anyone wishing to take an authentic and comprehensive exploration with a true cultural pioneer. This has been one of the best classes I have taken. ~ Sally Hunt, midwife, Australia

Amy’s work changed my heart, dramatically. It gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my passion and gave me the tools needed to hold space. ~ Nakia Kelly, student doula, Maryland

Amy is a very powerful teacher because her teaching comes directly from her heart and from a life that has experienced what she is teaching. ~ Tracy Glaser- Bacon, hospice worker, Ohio

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