How are the Kids? – Perspectives and Strategies for Parenting During Covid

Join Tracy Cassels, PhD and Naima Beckles, MA for a research-based, heartfelt, and insightful 90-minute webinar open to all parents, grandparents, caregivers of dependent children and professionals dedicated to child welfare. All concerned with the safety and ~ in particular ~ the emotional/psychological well being of children in the age of Covid are welcome.

Tuition for this 90-minute webinar is based on a sliding scale payment philosophy.

*All participants will receive a recording link to the webinar. One need not join live to benefit from this experience.

Suggested price: $30.00

Minimum price: $15.00


As children are returning to school or learning from home, millions are grieving the loss of social interaction, group play, and certainty.  On the other hand, less demanding schedules are causing other children to thrive. But almost all children  are facing additional stressors in the house as the pandemic continues to impact parents and life as we know it. In March 2020, the World Economic Forum interviewed renowned child psychologist Laura Markham, PhD to offer advice to parents at the beginning of the Covid pandemic. Six months later, the pandemic continues. What advice reflects best practices now?

As parents and caregivers, how do we understand and support the emotional needs of our children during this complex time?

How are the Kids?
Perspectives and Strategies for Parenting During Covid

Featuring Tracy Cassels, PhD & Naima Beckles, MA

Tuesday, September 29th
5-6:30pm EST


In this webinar, Tracy Cassels, PhD and Naima Beckels, MA will present their best reflections, insights, and queries for parents, grandparents, and all guardians of children as they assess what perspectives and strategies best support the emotional and mental health of our children six months into the Covid pandemic. Tracy will provide a framework for understanding our children’s social and emotional needs, some strategies for meeting these needs in a difficult time, and will answer your questions. Given her training both as a birth doula specializing in supporting families through loss as well as a Holding Space Consultant trained to support individuals as they traverse the territory of grief, Naima Beckles will share holding space strategies that she has found invaluable and uses with her 11 and 9 year-old sons.

Naima Beckles holds an MA from Loyola Marymount University and taught middle and high school students in Los Angeles, DC, and New York City. Naima is an educator, doula and founding director of For Your Birth – an intentionally diverse doula agency. Soon after the birth of her first child, she chose the work of supporting expectant parents and earned certifications from Lamaze and DONA.  While training with Amy Glenn Wright in a pregnancy loss course, the desire to hold space for life’s big losses, including death, was sparked.  As a teacher, doula, and mother; Naima lovingly stands alongside individuals navigating difficulties and triumphs. In 2015, Naima co-founded For Your Birth – an intentionally diverse doula agency in New York City. She’s the author of, The Essential Guide to Postpartum Support – a confidence building ebook for the challenging weeks that follow childbirth. Naima offers coaching and support to expectant parents and teaches childbirth education and private consultations with individuals who are experiencing any kind of loss during this confusing and difficult time. Learn more.

Tracy Cassels, PhD is the director of Evolutionary Parenting, a resource she founded in 2011 after the birth of her daughter Maddy.  It began whilst she was in graduate school and has continued and grown as she completed her PhD and moved towards more direct work with parents and families.  She has a B.A. in Cognitive Science from the University of California, Berkeley, an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from the University of British Columbia, and a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology, also from the University of British Columbia.  The focus of her dissertation work was on empathy and theory of mind in young children. Her academic works have been published in peer-reviewed journals, including Psychological Assessment, PLoS One, Personality and Individual Differences, Midwifery, and more. Tracy serves as an Adviser to the Children’s Health & Human Rights Partnership, a non-profit agency dedicated to ending routine infant circumcision.  She has previously worked in the non-profit sector in agencies focused on education and/or social and emotional development. Learn More.