Holding Space + Covid-19

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Join a Circle of Care during these uncertain times. Receive access to weekly 45-minute reflections and interviews on holding space, compassion/mindfulness, grief work, self care, support for the vulnerable, caring for children, and caring for the dying during the age of  Covid-19.

Pay once via donation and receive invitations for all live, online presentations as well as all Circle of Care recordings. This program will be ongoing through the course of the Covid-19 pandemic ~ as much as that is possible.

~Suggested donation is $100 yet any amount is accepted. Simply pay what you can. All are welcome to join the Holding Space + Covid-19 Circle of Care.~


This is a hard post to write.

We stand at a precipice.

What does it meant to hold space in the age of Covid-19?

Daily numbers of those infected and those dying from Covid-19 multiply. Yes, gratefully tens of thousands have recovered. Yet, we await to understand how immunity is built and analyze reinfection rates. There is much uncertainty and pundits debate the nuancing of what social distancing or flattening the curve entails ~ or if a 5-week “national lock down”/containment is the most appropriate course.

Amy Wright Glenn, founder of the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death will lead a weekly webinar on what it means to hold space in the age of Covid-19.

9:00-9:45am EST

Amy will specifically focus upon:

difficult change,
supporting loved ones (especially children) during times of social distancing/containment,
boosting immunity,
self care,
death care at hospitals
and death care at home should the pandemic become very acute.


Every Friday morning, Amy presents reflections, meditations, and interviews with leaders in the fields of mindful/compassionate birthing, living, parenting, and dying ~ all specific to the concerns of this global pandemic. At times, additional interviews will be pre-recorded or offered live outside of the Friday morning framework. The forthcoming webinar is always featured on below and the Institute homepage.

Upon joining the circle, all prior webinar/interview recordings are made available to new participants.

Thus far, recorded webinars include:

Webinar 1~ Meditations on Fear and Meditations on Courage
Webinar 2 ~ Coping with Fear: Supporting parents as they support their children during the Covid-19 pandemic Interview with Dr. Laura Markham
Webinar 3 ~ “What should I do if I get sick?” Interview with Anne Hinton, Physician Assistant 
Webinar 4 ~ “What Covid-19 means to me as a death doula” Interview with Bodhi Be

Our Next Webinar:

Holding Space + Covid-19 Circle of Care

A view from NYC: What does birth look like during this pandemic? 

Interview with Naima Beckles


Naima Beckles is the co-founder and director of For Your Birth, a NYC-based center supporting birthing and breastfeeding families. For Your Birth offers private classes and workshops to families in NYC and New Jersey. Beckles is a birth and postpartum doula, a Lamaze International childbirth educator, and a certified breast-feeding counselor.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in English literature and a master’s degree in secondary education and teaching from Loyola Marymount University. She taught middle school for 8-years before transitioning into birth work following the birth of her sons. Beckles has advanced training in home and water births, cesarean births, supporting clients who had in vitro fertilization as well as prior pregnancy loss.



Amy writes:

Out of all the articles I’ve read thus far on Covid-19 ~ this reflection by Charles Eisenstein is the one I’ve found most worthy of slowly reading, considering, and meditating upon.

These words stirs deep waters in my soul ~ tie together various edges of clear consciousness ~ and make it hard to pick which paragraph to lift up. After all, this is an age, due to the deluge of news, where it’s easy for all of us to swiftly read a few paragraphs rather than slow down and consider an entire piece.

So, thank you Charles Eisenstein. This. Read it, slowly. Then consider how can you move more from a state of compassion ~ a place of holding space for fear rather than living in the grip of it.

I pause now to share a picture of two people so precious to me ~ my son and my fiancé.

Together, we join you in the spirit of hope, kindness, best practices and courage at this time of hard change for our world. 

We join you in lifting up the best of what we can offer in this time of pandemic and concern. We lift the lantern of hope, compassion, and peace. 

During this time of uncertainty, we can be certain that love is our source and guide.

You are welcome into our Circle of Care. We can “Contain with Kindness.”

We are in this together.



The Holding Space + Covid-19 Circle of Care is open to all.
People of all faiths, nations, ages, and political points of view are welcome.
We gather to learn, grow, and share wisdom.