Goddesses of Birth and Death


Goddesses of Birth & Death is taught by Amy Wright Glenn and meets three times in 2021.

April ~  the Hindu goddess Kali
August ~ the Mesopotamian goddess Inanna ~ featured to the left
November ~ the Greek goddess Sophia

Each 6-hour Goddesses of Birth and Death session is 4-weeks long. Participants can join for one or all three sessions. Participants can join at any point in the year of study ~ accessing prior recordings.

Participants can register for each session individually through this link.

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Note: Participants interested in the 3-part series can purchase access to all three sessions for $400 USD. Institute members pay $200 for the 3-part series. Contact Amy for registration information in this regard.


In Goddess religion death is not feared, but is understood to be a part of life, followed by birth and renewal.
~ Carol P. Christ


Join Amy Wright Glenn for an exploration of how birth and death are represented by three goddesses.


The goddesses chosen for our study are uniquely positioned in their respective traditions/cultures to represent the liminal spaces of being. Participants will study and reflect upon their significance in terms of culture, myth, and psychology regarding birth, breath, and death.

Drawing upon her work as a scholar of comparative world religions, her travels in India and the Middle East, as well as her study and practice of yoga ~ Amy is uniquely positioned to explore the sociological, cultural, symbolic, and historical dimensions of three goddesses in relationship to the themes central to the Institute.

This August we continue our study with Inanna.

The Mesopotamian goddess Inanna was also known as Ishtar, the Queen of Heaven. Her worship dates back to 4,000 BCE and tales of her power, beauty, sexuality, and justice are said to have influenced the development of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. She is the subject of many stories and myths ~ the most famous being the story of her descent into the underworld and subsequent death upon facing her sister Ereshkigal. Her return to life 3-days later is a resurrection connected to the changing of the seasons.

What can the study of Innana reveal to you about your understanding of time, death, birth, fear, and faith? 


All are welcome to join Amy for this 6-hour (per session) study.
Open to all.

Goddesses of Birth & Death~ INNANA
Saturdays August 7, 14, 21, & 28
3-4pm EST

Sessions will be recorded for participants via Zoom. 

(The above images feature the amazing work of Hrana Janto ~ co-creator of the Goddess Oracle card deck. Available here.