Fall Shadow Work Ritual

Join Amy Wright Glenn for a two-hour ritual focusing on integrating the shadows of fall/winter and the shadows of self with mindfulness, compassion, and wisdom. We gather to meditate, read, craft a ritual that is open to all (secular and faith based) and share. This is not recorded. Participants need to attend live. The Fall Shadow Work Ritual is open to all.

Art by Helena Nelson-Reed


Fall Shadow Work Ritual

Fall is the perfect time for Shadow Work.

The seasons have shifted in the Northern Hemisphere. The nights are colder. Fall is here. Winter is coming.

We go inside to stay warm.
We go inside.
We go in.

This Fall, join Amy Wright Glenn for a 2-hour ritual designed to support you in integrating the shadow with compassion, mindfulness, and wisdom.

Saturday, November 12
7-9pm EST

Donation based tuition.
Open to all.