Educator Self-Care and Compassion


Open to all K-12 educators and administrators in private, public, charter, or homeschool settings. Parents who see themselves as “co-educators” in our current learn-at-home/sanctuary-at-home response to the Covid-19 pandemic are welcome to participate.

All are welcome.



“The Educator Self-Care and Compassion course may be one of the most important professional development/enrichment courses I have ever taken. It was profound, deeply meaningful and nourished my soul. Thank you to the Klingenstein Center for offering the course and thank you to The Institute for the study of Birth, Breath and Death for designing and delivering a course that, I believe has the power to change and revolutionize Education.”
~Emily Jensen, Head of School, The Beacon School


Welcome to the Educator Self-Care and Compassion workshop offered through the Klingenstein Center at Teachers College, Columbia University and the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death.

Our responsibilities in all areas of our lives multiplied, stacked, and became simultaneous since the Covid pandemic. We recognized the unprecedented work teachers have been called to do to care for students, families, and communities during the pandemic and in the face of racial trauma, antiracist protest, and social justice responsiveness.

How do we create to deepen our self-awareness, practice reflection, and provide self-care in order to sustain the care we provide others? Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic aside, educators tend to ‘skip over themselves’ in the work of caring for students. It is always necessary to see ourselves as educators in multifaceted ways, as human beings who are deeply nourished by the work of self-care.

How can we transfer the knowledge and best practice of care we provide our students and ensure we care for ourselves as central to best practice?

These are the questions central to this 16-hour, self-paced, pre-recorded course  taught by Amy Wright Glenn founder of the Institute and graduate of Teachers College, Columbia University. Amy was the recipient of the Dunbar Abston Jr. Award for Teaching Excellence during her tenure at The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey.

Drawing upon the work of Arthur T. Jersild, author of “When Teachers Face Themselves,” participants will be guided through five central themes focusing on Educator Self-Care and Compassion. Each theme is presented in a 2-hour pre-recorded webinar format. Roughly an hour of preparatory work is needed to prepare for each webinar.

The five themes are:

Holding Space for Grief

Nourishing Compassionate Self Awareness

Shadow Work

Deepening our Gratitude

Daily Practice

While you may gather ideas that you can replicate in your teaching or leadership practice to the benefit of your students and school communities, the primary focus of this workshop is self-care – for you.

Educator Self-Care and Compassion is an engaging, experiential, research-based workshop aimed to help support your personal growth and care of self, benefiting all aspects of life and ensuring a strengthened capacity to support our students in a sustainable way.

All participants are welcome to choose between two one-on-one listening activities structured to deepen the experience and understanding of self-care and compassion.

This course serves as a gathering place for information, storytelling, and deep listening with regard to a forthcoming book on teacher self-care co-written by Professor Nicole Furlong, director of the Klingenstein Center and workshop presenter Amy Wright Glenn. This book will be published by CSEE, the Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education. Individuals retain the right to share their stories, experiences, struggles, and insights regarding self-care anonymously and/or privately. No story will be included in the research material for the forthcoming publication without the express permission of the educator at hand.

Certificates of Completion issued by the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death are offered for all who complete the training/workshop. Participants have open access to complete the training requirements, as long as the course is active on the Institute’s website. Once purchased, participants have life-long access to course materials ~ as long as they are available in this format. 


I have immense gratitude.
Thank you for creating this amazing context in which we could each thrive and learn at our own pace.
This is easily the most helpful personal development course I’ve ever taken and I have been teaching for 20+ years.

This course comes at a good time ~ when teachers have just pivoted to online teaching
during a pandemic and many of us feel like we hardly have time for ourselves.
This course helps teachers understand WHY it is critical to take care of ourselves,
helps us learn to do so in a safe, accepting environment, and gives us lots of tools and
resources to take with us for our own practice of self-care.
~ Ann Jennings, Kindergarten Teacher, Carolina Day School, Asheville, NC

Amy’s compassion and openness encouraged us to be vulnerable
and to examine our own life experiences with love, with care, and with honesty.
~Mia Franz, English teacher, Tampa, FL

I highly recommend this course to one and all.
If we, as educators, can better understand how to care for ourselves,
we will bring our best, fullest, strongest selves into the classroom.
The positive impact on the student experience would be enormous, literally game changing.

I am so grateful that I happened upon this course! It was everything I was looking for and more. The course helped me face so many of the challenges we face as teachers, and as humans. It gave me tools and strategies for taking care of myself, as I care for and support so many other lives. I am eternally grateful for the space she gave us to heal and learn.
~ Jessica Karis, Grade 1 Teacher, Shore Country Day School


Amy has a wonderful ‘humanness’ that allows her to
connect with her audience in a way that is both comforting and useful.

~Bob Mattingly, Executive Director, Center for Spirituality and Ethical Education