Circle of Care

Open to all. 

Access to the following hour long webinars is free and open to all. The Circle of Care database contains the words/insights of wise ones who generously shared reflections, guidance, support, and humor at this time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Topics covered include: health, wellbeing, social justice, birth/death, and mindful living, relationships, and parenting. May this resource be a support to you and yours.

This Institute program was made possible by donations, both large and small.
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Final Circle of Care Webinar

End of Year Reflections + Blessings for 2021
with Amy Wright Glenn

Recorded Sunday, December 27th 2020


Holding Space for Confusion and Complexity in a time of Climate Crisis

Interview with Johannah Blackman
Recorded Thursday, November 19th 2020


Sponsoring a child in Guatemala during the Covid crisis and beyond

Interview with Tobie Spears, founder of Guatemalan Humanitarian Tours
Recorded Thursday, November 5th 2020



Interview with Beth Berry
Recorded Thursday, October 29 2020


A mindful, scientific, and compassionate response to Covid

Interview with Jean-Pierre Poulin
Recorded Thursday, October 8th 2020



An Introduction to Creative Grief Work

Interview with Joanne Zerdy and Will Daddario, co-founders of Inviting Abundance
Recorded Thursday, September 24 2020


Reflections on Loss and Trauma during the Pandemic
Interview with Jonathan Labman, author and trauma-informed counselor
Recorded Thursday, September 17th 2020


Self Care for Teachers in the age of Covid-19

Interview with Marialuz Castro
Recorded Thursday, September 10th 2020


Interview with Michael Hebb
founder of the EOL Collective and author of “Let’s Talk about Death over Dinner

Recorded Saturday August 29th 2020




Open Art Studio for Burnout Prevention

Sharon Itkoff Nacache, Creative Arts Therapist
Recorded Friday, August 21st 2020


Working with the body’s stress during a pandemic ~ bringing healing through Feldenkrais and Emotional Body practices

Lavina Plonka, founder of The Creative Body
Recorded Wednesday, July 29th 2020


Homeschooling in times of calm and crisis

Interview with Iman Alleyne, founder of Kind Academy
Recorded Friday, July 17th 2020



Intuitive Living and Eating in the age of Covid

Interview with Amanda Heisman, founder of Heisman Health
Recorded Sunday, June 28th 2020



Family wellness practices in a pandemic

Interview with Cassandra Cabrera, Mindfulness-based Coach
Recorded Friday, June 26th 2020



Join Danyiel Louis, Joie Toussaint-Parrish, Sonya Miller, Monique DeBose, and Naima Beckles to hold space and explore the grief, sorrow, concerns connected to raising black sons in America. We gather to offer heartfelt support, reflect upon needed anti-racism work, and share hope. Mark your calendar and join us.

Read more about each one of these exceptional women/mothers here.



NEDA’s New Initiatives

Interview with Merilynne Rush,
President of NEDA ~ the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance
Recorded Friday, June 12th 2020


Understanding racial disparities in the Covid-19 pandemic

Interview with Saladin Ambar, PhD
Associate Professor of Political Science at Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Recorded Friday, May 29th 2020


Interview with Penny Stansfield, CD(DONA) Doula trainer
& Sheri Lopez, founder of BABS
Recorded Friday, May 22nd 2020 


Best practices for teachers and schools
with regard to responding to the Covid-19 pandemic

Interview with Nicole Furlong, PhD, Director of the Klingenstein Center at Teachers College, Columbia University
Recorded Friday, May 15th 2020



Holding Sick and Dying Loved Ones Energetically

Interview with Brooke Lehman, Co-founder and Director of the Watershed Center
Recorded Friday, May 8th 2020


Revisiting (or creating) an Advance Directive given Covid-19

Interview with Karen M. Wyatt MD, Founder of the End Of Life University
Recorded Friday, May 1st 2020


Accepting Imperfection in the age of Covid-19

Interview with Henry Fersko-Weiss, Executive Director of INELDA
Recorded on Wednesday, April 29th 2020



Practices to reduce anxiety during our global pandemic

Interview with Dr. Tyia Grange Isaacson, PhD
Recorded on Friday, April 24th 2020 


Yoga practices that nourish courage and hope
Access Zoom password: N2^%0BL6

Interview with Romy Toussaint, founder of Romy Yoga
Recorded on April 17th, 2020


Death and Dying During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Interview with Aditi Sethi-Brown, MD 
Recorded on Friday, April 10th, 2020 



A view from NYC ~ What does it mean to give birth during a pandemic?

Featuring Naima Beckles, co-founder of For Your Birth
Recorded on Friday, April 3rd 2020 


What Covid-19 means to me as a death doula trainer

Featuring Bodhi Be
Recorded Sunday, March 29th 2020


What should I do if I get sick?

Featuring Anne Hinton, Physician Assistant
Recorded Friday, March 27th 2020

Meditations on Fear and Meditations on Courage

Featuring Amy Wright Glenn
Recorded on Sunday, March 22, 2020

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And remember:

Heart energy is good company for our fears.
~ Dr. Laura Markham