Birth Study Circle



All Study Circles are on sale for the Holiday ~ open to all! Treat yourself this season to dive more deeply into honest inquiry and build our Institute community! 

The Birth Study Circle is an ongoing, live, monthly study circle open to all.

Participants pay once to join for 6-months and can join at any point in the year. Participants have access to the monthly Birth Study Circle facilitated via Zoom by Kristen Avonti, Institute teacher and Holding Space Consultant.


As I hold the hands of women in labor, watch them open to the challenge and wonder of birth, and offer loving encouragement – my heart is full. Somehow that young girl in Utah found her way to this work. Somehow she found the strength to mentor another in crossing a threshold she once feared.
~Amy Wright Glenn, writing for PhillyVoice


Join Institute Teacher and Holding Space Consultant Kristen Avonti
for an ongoing monthly study circle focused on birth.

Birth Study Circle
First Monday evening of every month 7-8pm EST


What does it mean to give birth?
How is birth understood in contemporary society?
How is birth portrayed in the media, in our religious/spiritual/wisdom traditions?
How do you hold space for the birthing experience in your own heart?

Each month, Kristen facilitates an hour long study circle drawing upon:

*Teachings on birth from the world’s wisdom traditions
*Historical and cultural birth practices
*News articles relating to birthing people
*Efforts to increase our intuitive and symbolic understanding of birth
*Personal stories/experience

Each hour-long session is presented live via Zoom. Sessions are not recorded.


All are welcome.
We honor the diversity of our racial, cultural, and lived experiences and the ways that our intersectional identities inform our perspectives.



In giving birth to our babies,
we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves.

~ Myla + Jon Kabat-Zinn



Kristen Avonti holds a B.A. from Hampshire College wherein she studied psychology and social work. She has a background in herbalism, doula work, supporting birthing families, and end of life doula care. She has a deep passion for the natural world and loves growing plants for food and medicine. Kristen is a “midwife for the soul” who has dedicated her life to tending our most vulnerable and tender thresholds of growth, transformation, grief, and loss. As a Holding Space Consultant and Transformational Life Coach, Kristen supports individuals in navigating the wilderness of our personal journeys, stepping through our thresholds of transformation, and finding our meaning making through the telling of our stories. In addition to offering Holding Space Consultations, Kristen is also a teacher of the Loving, Dying, and Letting Go workshop. Kristen’s passion lies in working with folks who are navigating the impacts of trauma in their lives, and those who are in the transformative process of discovering their authenticity and truth. Kristen’s approach to care is founded on a belief in the sacredness and power of our stories and the ways in which they give us meaning and a sense of place within our lives. Kristen’s deeply attuned presence and calm, caring authenticity invite a courageous bravery to rumble with our stories, get to know our hungry ghosts, and venture into the meaning making that occurs when we are lovingly held in our most vulnerable truths and stories.