Advanced Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss Training


Pregnancy related trauma and/or Infant Loss disproportionately impacts the lives of non-white people.  In particular, Black, Indigenous and Latinx birth givers are the most vulnerable to the effects of systemic racism, implicit bias, and the entrenched legacy of white supremacy.  The experiences of trauma and loss for birthing people of color are vast, yet these stories remain in the margins in our society.

This advanced 8-hour training supports participants in better understanding the intersection of pregnancy and/or infant loss and racism. This training is open to all and is designed to specifically support those working with bereaved parents of color and their families.

Though recommended, one need not have taken the basic level Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss to participate in this advanced training. Institute Members receive 50% off of their tuition. Simply enter the Institute code upon registration. All are welcome to join the Institute. Membership is lifelong. 

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Advanced Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss Training: Understanding and Responding to Pregnancy Related Trauma Within Communities of Color

Co-taught by Amy Wright Glenn and Naima Beckles

Dates for 2023 TBA


This training has been approved by Lamaze International for 8.0 Lamaze Contact Hours. These hours may be applied towards recertification as an LCCE educator under learning competencies 1, 6, and 7. Contact hours offered by Lamaze are recognized by DONA and other organizations.


What can birth workers, mental health practitioners, bereaved parents, and activists do to better understand and respond to the pain of pregnancy/infant loss compounded by the pain of racism?


Over 900 birth and mental health professionals, from all across the world, have taken Amy Wright Glenn’s original Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss training either in-person or online. (Read testimonials here.) In this foundational training, Amy focuses on companioning, strengthening the support network through best care practices, and the healing power of ritual. Naima Beckles, founder of For Your Birth ~ an intentionally diverse birth and postpartum support center in New York City ~  is a graduate of the Institute’s Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss training and a Holding Space Consultant.

This March 2022, Naima and Amy co-teach an 8-hour Advanced Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss training which applies the foundational principles described above to an in-depth, personal, and heartfelt exploration of the intersection between pregnancy and/or infant loss and race. This advanced training consists of 6-hours of live module time with Naima and Amy and 2-hours devoted to the reading. *One need not join the Zoom webinars live as they will be recorded for all participants.


Participants are required to read What God is Honored Here?: Writings on Miscarriage and Infant Loss by and for Native Women and Women of Color.

Participants will apply the insights of 1. companioning 2. strengthening the support network and 3. the healing power of ritual to their reading of What God is Honored Here?

Naima and Amy will guide discussions, present information, and invite participants to join optional small group study sessions as part of this training.

“In its heartbreaking beauty, this book offers an integral perspective on how culture and religion, spirit and body, unite in the reproductive lives of women of color and Indigenous women as they bear witness to loss, search for what is not there, and claim for themselves and others their fundamental humanity. Powerfully and with brutal honesty, they write about what it means to reclaim life in the face of death.”

~ Goodreads review of What God is Honored Here?



I am blown away by your course. It came at a time when I needed it personally more than I realized. I am so often disappointed or bored by classes. As a doula trainer I always have such high hopes but am often not satisfied, and I WANT to be supportive of other teachings. Your class offered me so much, on so many levels. Thank you! I’m a huge fan. Thank you!
~ Felicia Roche, Owner/Founder Bay Area Birth Education (BABE)

This is one of those training that you don’t realize you need as a birth-worker until you come to it, sit in it, and take it in. Now I can’t imagine my practice without it. This information is beyond vital to birth work. Beyond vital.
~Megan Talaga, Labour/Birth & Postpartum Doula

Naima is a calm and genuine spirit who believes in transformative and radical reproductive care.
I felt supported, heard, and cared for while working with her.

~ Maureen N.

We had the sense that Naima would be a highly competent and reassuring presence during labor from our very first meeting, and our subsequent experiences only reinforced that.  My partner benefited greatly from both her expertise and her empathetic approach; as for me, I’m not sure how I could have navigated the process sanely without her…
We’d recommend her unhesitatingly.
~ Oliver B

Amy is a fabulous teacher and has an eloquent way of speaking about the unthinkable losses that occur all around us in our world. I would recommend this class to anyone, and it is a must for any health care provider working in pregnancy settings.
~ Maddie Ackerman, birth doula and student RN, Washington

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have taken Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss. This is a difficult subject to engage, perhaps especially in an online format, but the level of warmth, compassion, community facilitation, and personal attention that Amy brought to this training was absolutely phenomenal.
~ Claire Wilson, birth doula, Oregon

Naima Beckles ~ (she/her) holds an MA from Loyola Marymount University and taught middle and high school students in Los Angeles, DC, and New York City. Naima is an educator, doula and founding director of For Your Birth – an intentionally diverse doula agency. Soon after the birth of her first child, she chose the work of supporting expectant parents and earned certifications from Lamaze and DONA.  While training with Amy Glenn Wright in a pregnancy loss course, the desire to hold space for life’s big losses, including death, was sparked.  As a teacher, doula, and mother; Naima lovingly stands alongside individuals navigating difficulties and triumphs. Naima offers private consultations with individuals who are experiencing any kind of loss during this confusing and difficult time. Learn more.