Open Discussion on Holding Space with Amy Wright Glenn

Sunday, March 1st
11am to 1pm

Complete Health Yoga
Lawrenceville, New Jersey

$30 suggested donation
Contact Amy for registration information.

Join Amy Wright Glenn ~ author, birth/death doula, hospital chaplain, yoga teacher and founder of the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death ~ for an open discussion on Holding Space.

What does it mean to hold space for life’s transition points? What can those of us who work with the dying learn from those of us who work with the birthing (and vice versa)? How can we show up with more courage and compassion to hold space for our own stories and struggles? How can we hold space for each other with more mindfulness and wisdom?

Amy will read from her second book Holding Space~ on Loving, Dying, and Letting Go and lead a discussion on these topics.

Special discounts on books, Institute membership, and the forthcoming online Shadow Work course will be available to all who attend.

All are welcome.

Holding Space does just that for each of us. In a clear, intimate voice, Amy Wright Glenn shares her own experience and wisdom and by doing so makes a space for her reader to develop the same. For anyone going through loss, this book will feel like a treasure.” —SHARON SALZBERG, Lovingkindness and Real Love

“This is a beautifully written book about the challenging practice of remaining present—holding non-reactive space—around emotions of grief, sorrow and loss. This practice is brought alive through many touching vignettes from the author’s life and work as a hospital chaplain and as a doula for the poignant transitions of birth and death. I recommend Holding Space highly for hospice workers, religious and medical professionals, and for anyone facing personal loss.” —JAN CHOZEN BAYS, Mindfulness on the Go and Mindful Eating

“To be human is to be born, to live, and then to pass on. I have long believed that we do ourselves a great disservice by remaining insulated from the realities of birth and death. In this exceptional book, Amy Wright Glenn offers profound wisdom and support to help us navigate that most tender journey of death and dying. Holding Space is a beautiful contribution to finding peace in one of life’s most important passages.” —SUSAN STIFFELMAN, Parenting with Presence

“This is a beautiful, gracious book of earned wisdom from a writer who is gifted with the capacity to be present with a loving heart to life’s most essential moments, from birth to death. Highly recommended!” —MIRIAM GREENSPAN, Healing Through the Dark Emotions

“Amy Wright Glenn knows what it means to hold space in both sorrow and joy. This is essential reading for those choosing to follow their vocation to be with the dying and the dead with compassion, mindfulness, and presence.” —LEE WEBSTER, President, National Home Funeral Alliance

“In Holding Space Amy Wright Glenn delivers a thoughtful and poetic meditation on bringing mindful presence to the two major transition points in life: birth and death. Utilizing stories from her personal life and her experiences as a birth doula and a hospital chaplain, Amy reveals how we can keep our hearts open to both deep sorrow and ecstatic joy in these ‘sacred thresholds.’ You will find wisdom, love, and tenderness on every page of this very special book.” —HENRY FERSKO-WEISS, Executive Director of the International End of Life Doula Association, Caring for the Dying

“The wisdom this book contains makes it worthy of being a key reference on the subject. For those, like me, who keep in our personal libraries only books that have a timeless quality and which beg to be read again and again, this will be among them.” —SUZANNE ARMS, Founder of Birthing the Future