I came to birthwork through (what I thought) was an unusual route– I was, and am, a vigil volunteer for a local hospice. Over the last year and a half, I’ve struggled at times to find language to explain how I see those roles as being interconnected. I often hear from people something along the lines of, ‘Wow, two extreme ends of the spectrum!’ but that has never felt accurate to me; the work of the Institute has helped me articulate for myself, and hopefully for others in the future, the nature and beauty of working in these liminal spaces, the thresholds and transitions.
I haven’t yet come across any other organization that works in the spaces of both birth and death companioning. Amy’s book ‘Holding Space’ made me feel deeply seen in a way that I didn’t realize I had wanted. I am so filled with gratitude for this work and Amy’s words.
~Lindsay Rathert, hospice volunteer & birth doula


Lifetime Institute Membership ~ regular tuition: $130 USD

~For the month of February~
Lifetime Institute Membership

$30 USD

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Do you hold space for birth?
Do you hold space for death?
And what about mindful living?
How do you approach and appreciate the precious impermanence of each breath?

Standing with an open heart in the presence of birth is very much like standing with an open heart in the presence of death.
~ Amy Wright Glenn in Doula for the Dying via PhillyVoice


We need to address death and dying more mindfully.

We need to address birth and birthing more mindfully.

We need to live with more breath and heart awareness as we journey through life — more mindfully. By bringing together those involved in holding space for life’s sacred threshold points, and welcoming members of all faiths and spiritual traditions, the Institute provides members with a nurturing and important professional and spiritual home.

Institute members make important theoretical, personal, and professional connections between the work of holding space for birth, breath, and death.

All involved in the work of caring for the birthing, dying, and nurturing mindful and compassionate living are most welcome to join.

Welcome home.

Membership Benefits:

Individuals who join as members benefit from the support of an online community as well as open access to monthly webinars. Every month, Institute founder Amy Wright Glenn interviews innovative and inspiring leaders involved in the field of conscious birthing, living, and dying. For example, co-founder and executive director of INELDA Henry Fersko-Weiss, author and midwife Patrica Harman as well as author and bereaved mother Dianna Vagianos Armentrout have been interviewed for Institute webinars.

Examples of past webinar titles include:

  • Holding space for grief in an age of climate change
  • Mindful speech in times of conflict
  • Nurturing gratitude
  • Making meaning of infertility
  • Planning your vigil
  • How to nurture a meditation practice? 
  • Reflections on miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss 
  • How does social media impact our understanding of birth? 

Members also have access to a Facebook member-only group wherein conversations between care givers, teachers, and birth/death professionals yield meaningful and important connections.

There are significant discounts off of Institute workshops/trainings for members. For example, members pay $100 (instead of $200) for access to the Loving, Dying, and Letting Go self-guided, 13-hour, online workshop based upon Amy Wright Glenn’s second book: Holding Space: On Loving, Dying, and Letting Go.

Discounts include fifty percent off of a single phone or Skype consultation with Institute founder Amy Wright Glenn. This session can be dedicated to nurturing a member’s meditation practice, focused upon grief work, or spiritual/vocational discernment


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