Loving, Dying, and Letting Go

All are welcome to join author, doula, and hospital chaplain, Amy Wright Glenn for a transformative and personal exploration of these questions in this 13-hour, self-paced, recorded workshop.

Have you recently experienced grief due to death or the loss of an important relationship? Are you a caretaker working with the bereaved? Do you wonder what it means to face your own death, or the death of those you love? If so, this workshop is for you.


For the month of February
tuition is $30 USD
Open to all

(*regular tuition is $250)


What does it mean to love?
What does it mean to die?
And how can we “let go”? 


Participants receive four recorded 2-hour modules consisting of eight hours of teachings with Amy via webinar. Five hours of the workshop consist of personal reading, writing, and study.

The four modules of Loving, Dying, and Letting Go focus on key themes present in Amy’s second book Holding Space: On Loving, Dying, and Letting Go published by Parallax Press.

Module topics include:

What does it mean to love? How is attachment formed? What are the various types of love known in human experience? How do you love? Who do you love?

What does it mean to die? How do various world traditions approach the topic of dying? When have you known death? What are your hopes and fears?

How can we love fully in a world of letting go? What does it mean to hold space for loss? How do you work with the energies of fear? How can we embody healthy attachment and reconciliation to loss?

Finally, in the last webinar, participants will be asked to integrate knowledge gained in the preceding weeks and share through writing personal reflections on what it means to love, die, and let go given their own specific life circumstance, relationship context, work etc. Participants will be encouraged to work with the energy of fear, transform the energies of hurt, and move forward in loving, dying, and letting go with great courage.

“Amy has a way to draw in an audience with her use of personal stories and lived experiences.  She is knowledgeable about issues that come up at the beginning and end of life, and delivers the message with gentle hands and grace.”

~Jennifer Mallmes, End of Life Care Educator at Douglas College, Vancouver, Canada


All enrolled in Loving, Dying, and Letting Go receive self-paced email assignments. Reading, writing, and personal reflection are central to preparing for each of the four modules and Amy is in active contact via email with those enrolled in the workshop.

All participants are required to read Holding Space by Amy Wright Glenn as they apply the questions outlined above to their own life journeys.  To receive a certificate of completion, participants must view the provided recordings as well as successfully turn in written work.

Contact Amy for registration information.