Holding Space for Divorce


“Divorce is a painful, life-altering event like a death—but without any of the support or rituals.”

~Michelle Lamar, writing for the Huffington Post

Are you going through a separation/divorce?

Or, are you on the other side of one?

Do you support individuals through the pain/ending/transition of divorce?

Perhaps you feel helpless watching loved ones struggle and suffer as they strive to let go of a once treasured relationship. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the intensity of hurt, betrayal, and anger that have taken the place of what once was a loving union? Or, perhaps your separation/divorce was amicable/positive and you want to understand how to support friends/family who are struggling with their own losses?

What does it mean to hold space for divorce?

Amy Wright Glenn is launching a new 8-hour course ~applying key insights drawn from her studies of grief, loss, and death ~ to the topic of divorce. Amy wrote her second book while going through a divorce and will apply aspects of wisdom gained from her own journey with research-based studies on the subject of the endings of committed relationships.

Whether you work formally as a mental health practitioner supporting individuals through divorce, whether you are a child of divorce, whether you are trying to make sense of your own divorce, or support those you love who are hurting from this pain ~ you are welcome.

Holding Space for Divorce

Presented live and online ~ Tuesdays 5-7pm Eastern

December 3rd, 10th, and 17th


*Institute members pay $125

Recordings made available to all participants. One need not join live to register.