Dreaming and Healing through Life Transitions

Dreaming and Healing through Life Transitions
with Wilka Roig

Every loss, big or small, is an invitation to revisit and review our lives, to reconsider our priorities; it is an initiation that prepares us to move forward as renewed, more authentic and more whole versions of ourselves.

With each loss a part of us dies, a part of how we act, behave, react
and relate dies, and we face the opportunity for rebirth.

The transpersonal spectrum of of our human experience, which includes dreams, visions, extrasensory perceptions, synchronicities, symbolic occurrences, and the imaginal is an essential component of the process of personal change that helps balance pain and sorrow with lightness, insight, and a deep sense of connection.

These meaningful phenomena grant us the possibility for transformation and growth that the evolution of humanity depends on, and grant us the full experience, with all its pain and all its uplifting relief.

Through dreamwork, imaginal journeys, ritual, learning our own symbolic language, cultivating symbolic relationships, tapping into our intuition, heightening our extrasensory perceptions, we develop a richer, healthier, and more balanced relationship with ourselves and the world around us through our life transitions.


This workshop is offered through the June 2023
Weekend in Ireland course.
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Wilka Roig, MTP, MFA, PLC is a transpersonal psychologist, death doula, grief counselor, dream worker, educator, ordained minister, facilitator, writer, Taoist Arts instructor, musician, photographer, performance artist, silversmith, baker, mythmaker. She is president of Fundación Elisabeth Kübler-Ross (EKR) México Centro, deputy director of education of EKR Foundation Global, end-of-life doula instructor and BIPOC and International Advisor for the International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA). Wilka is curriculum coordinator and faculty for the Institute International Studies with the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death. Her interests include neurobiology of trauma, loss, grief, and relationships, conscious living & dying, birds, stars, confectionery arts, and wine culture.