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When He Naps


When he naps, I meditate. I nurse him down to sleep. Milk and song mingle together and soon his breath moves into the rhythms of dreamland. We breathe together as a calm, holy, wonder moves through the house. Toys are still. Dishes are done and the leaves outside dance in the wind. I stay home…(Read More)

Tomorrow You Turn Two


Tomorrow you turn two. You are my little one, my constant companion, my sweet guy. Soon you will have journeyed twice around our glorious sun. Today, I watch you move, jump, and dance. We practice singing “Happy Birthday” in the mirror. I make up words and blow on your belly. Delight fills my soul as…(Read More)

In 1916, the wild Cypress Creek wetlands of Coconut Creek, Florida were drained. This morning, I drive to Fern Forest Nature Center to visit the 247 acres of what remains. I want my 22-month-old son and to see our south Florida homeland untouched by housing developments, strip malls, and busy roadways. I park…(Read More)

Tiny Outfits of Wonder


I now understand why my friend Betsy cried. She helped me fold my newborn son’s clothes and tears of missing rolled down her kind face. Together we marveled at tiny infant onesies, little blue shirts reading “Mama’s Big Guy”, and soft, precious fibers clothing the body of innocence. Betsy’s children are now…(Read More)

The Hard Heart of Parenting


My body tenses. Teeth clench. Heart hardens. I don’t hurt him. I don’t yell. Yet, my heart hardens with frustration. My agenda to clothe my two-year-old collides with his interest in remaining naked. He wants to play with his trucks on the bedroom floor; I have a morning adventure planned. After…(Read More)

To view a webinar I made on this subject, click here.  What is a tantrum? According to the National Association of School Psychologists, a tantrum occurs when a young child, usually between the ages of 1-1/2 to 4, experiences a mixture of anger and sadness to the point where he or she looses…(Read More)