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“America’s Parenting Coach”

That’s what I entitled my most recent feature article for PhillyVoice. “America’s parenting coach: Dr. Laura Markham on peaceful parenting practices.”

Over the last two years, I’ve watched Dr. Laura Markham’s influence grow dramatically. I couldn’t be more pleased. All of us interact with children at some level. It may be on the bus, at school, at a park, or in our homes. I have a friend in prison and he wrote me recently lamenting the missed connections — for years — from open expanses of nature and the presence of children. He works to ameliorate this pain by remembering that all of his fellow inmates carry a child within them.

In my interview with Dr. Laura Markham, she described why she chooses to work with parents rather than children in her clinical practice. By working with parents, she can heal two generations at once: the children in question and the children within the parents. We call carry a little child within our hearts — our own self so young, so fragile, so true. When I read Markham’s work, I feel the connection to the little girl within open as I mindfully commit to open my heart to the precious boy that I am blessed to mother, nurture, and love.

I hope you take the time to read my article and listen to the interview with Markham. I had tears in my eyes as I composed the piece for I chose to open up part of my own story. Like many Americans, I experienced violence in my childhood home and am doing my best to make sure that verbal and physical abuse are not part of my son’s story. The mindful and compassionate practices offered up by Markham support me in this heartfelt endeavor. For I truly want to build upon the many beautiful and wonderful gifts my parents gave me and focus on the good. I am far from perfect, but each day I dedicate myself to living in a family characterized by great love.

I hope you all benefit from the insights, practical advice, and reliance on best practices based on cutting edge brain development that characterize Dr. Laura Markham’s work. To aid you in this regard, I am pleased to offer a¬†giveaway copy of Markham’s new book “Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings: How to Stop the Fighting and Raise Friends for Life” to a reader of this blog. To enter into the giveaway, simply send me an email indicating your are interested. I’ll randomly pick a winner on May 5th.¬†

May you find her words inspiring.


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