Advanced 5-hour Training ~ Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss

Enrich your best care practices with specific, hands-on, “what to do?” skills enabling you to better support bereaved families in the aftermath of pregnancy and/or infant loss.

Over 700 birth and mental health professionals, from all across the world, have taken Amy Wright Glenn’s original Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss training either in-person or online. In her basic level training, Amy focuses on companioning, strengthening the support network through best care practices, and the healing power of ritual. Read testimonials. Now you can join Amy for an in-depth, 5-hour exploration of best care practices in her advanced level Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss offering.

Self-guided, 5-hour training



“Amy is a fabulous teacher and has an eloquent way of speaking about the unthinkable losses that occur all around us in our world. I would recommend this class to anyone, and it is a must for any health care provider working with women, families and in pregnancy settings.”

~ Maddie Ackerman, birth doula and student RN, Washington


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I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have taken Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss. This is a difficult subject to engage, perhaps especially in an online format, but the level of warmth, compassion, community facilitation, and personal attention that Amy brought to this training was absolutely phenomenal.

~ Claire Wilson, birth doula, Oregon